The fourth Weekly Support Recap is dedicated to one of the most popular Joomla! Component from JoomPlace – Survey Force Deluxe. What information about this extension are the customers interested in most of all? Nadia Ivanova, JoomPlace Support Manager, prepared Top 5 questions and answers about Survey Force Deluxe worth your attention. See the whole list below.

Top 5 Things You Should Know about Survey Force Deluxe Component

  1. What do I need to do to translate Survey Force into my language?
    • Go to your_SITE_ROOT\language\en-GB folder (for Front-end translation) or your_SITE_ROOT\administrator\language\en-GB (for Back-end translation);
    • In the en-GB folder, find the file named en-GB.com_surveyforce.ini
    • Copy this file into the according folder used for your language on your site.
    • Rename the file accordingly and then translate it into your language.
  2. What do survey results consist of?

    The survey results are not personal. The user will see the summarized results of all users who previously answered this survey. The images will display the graphical statistics how every question was answered.

  3. How to install survey plug-ins for AlphaUserPoints component?

    - - this plug-in need to be installed in a regular way via Joomla! Extension Manager.

    - - this plug-in must be installed in the AlphaUserPoints component, in the Plug-ins section.

  4. How do I invite users to take my survey?
    • In the Email section, configure the email text to be sent to the users.
    • In the User Management section, create a user list with the users you want to invite and assign the required survey to them.
    • In the User Management section, select the checkbox for the required list and click Invite.
  5. How do I remove "SurveyForce. Powered by JoomPlace" from survey Force?
    1. Go to Components > SurveyForce Deluxe > Configuration.
    2. On the Basic tab, clear the check box for the Show component info on FE at the bottom option.
    3. Save the changes.

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