A few weeks ago we announced a forthcoming release of a new extension for Joomla! – CheckList, specially intended for creating checklists and to-do lists. It is about time to present CheckList Joomla! component to you, JoomPlace customers, and allow you to test it in practice! By the way, don’t miss a chance to install CheckList Free version!

What is CheckList extension?

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Joomla! CheckList Extension is a unique solution for creating a variety of checklists and embedding them straight into Joomla! website.  CheckList manager perfectly suits the needs of Joomla! website owners and bloggers who are searching possible ways of attracting new visitors and engaging with the audience.
CheckList app is a good means of differentiating your business from competitors by granting exclusive experience for your visitors.

Where can I use CheckList component?

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There are no limitations of CheckList usage. You decide for yourself how and where to use CheckList Management software: to embed into a blog post, to add on the webpage of the product/service description, to create an online tutorial, share your knowledge, to make an additional profit by using checklist tips for advertising purposes, to help readers with personal management & etc.

What features of a new CheckList extension are available?

!!! CheckList Free, Standard & Pro versions contain a different amount of features. To learn about a particular one  - read CheckList description page.
Overall features include:

  • Rich Management Options provided by Administrator rights to create, manage and delete checklists, create templates for future copying and editing; users can create and manage their own checklists if they are approved by the administrator. Administrator sets access rights and permissions to comment for guest/registered checklist users.
  • Convenient navigation assured by tagging system and the latest created/edited checklists display module;
  • Customization options presented by customizable user profiles, drag & drop checklist editing option, checkboxes & checkbox notes and tips adding/removal;
  • SEO-optimization. Users can set checklist Title, Alias, Meta Data, Open Graph & etc.
  • Social Media Integration enables users to share created checklist and to-do lists via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon;
  • Disqus commenting System is supported;
  • Content & XTD buttons allow checklist inserting into blog posts and third party Joomla! Components.

Plus, even more features are coming! CheckList Expert version is under development and in addition to the above mentioned characteristics will include:

  • JomSocial/EasySocial integration for checklists community sharing;
  • Registry Mode. Each time the registered user checks off  the box, the rest see the changes. The option is great for creation Wedding, Bridal & Baby Shower, Christmas or Birthday Registry Checklists, social collaboration and team-working on  projects;
  • Popular e-commerce platforms integration for adding checklist into e-commerce websites (Add to wish list option).

For those who are willing to test CheckList component  there is a link to Demo version:

CheckList Free Version

JoomPlace team makes a present for all Joomla! website owners and releases a free CheckList component version!
!Please, have in mind that free CheckList version is provided without support. To send a support ticket, you need to have Standard or Pro version subscriptions.

Change your attitude towards website content quality with CheckList component!