JoomPlace team has great news for all Joomla Quiz Deluxe users: the quiz component is renewed and contains even more useful features! We always lend an attentive ear to your suggestions to improve the quiz extension and make your learning experience enjoyable!


Let’s have a look at the added features:

Instead of existing Hotspot question -  Polygonal Hotspot question type

Hotspot question is the type of query when you need to click a specific area on a computer screen to answer a quiz question. Initially, a correct answer was hampered, as a quiz user needed to hit exactly the spot a quiz author had defined.  Now, creating a Polygonal hotspot question, a quiz maker sets an area with the correct answer, not a spot, thus, a quiz user gets more chances to answer correctly.

Polygonal Hotspot question

Flagging mechanism to mark questions that need reviewing by the quiz author

This option allows quiz takers to flag the questions, which, in their judgment, require reviewing (for example, because of a question mistake or incorrect statement). A quiz author, in his turn, can generate a report  in the administration area to view all the flagged questions: how many times the question was marked and who of the users did it. 

An open form before the quiz to collect data about anonymous users

Such a feature allows a quiz author to receive information about unregistered users. Thus, there is no need to make the quiz available only for registered users.

quiz register blog

The ability to generate certificates for anonymous users with all the necessary data included

Unauthorized users will be able to receive a certificate with their full names, confirming a successful quiz passage.

quiz cetificate

An option to hide feedback till the last attempt set for the quiz

This option improves the cheating protection by hiding a page with detailed results (including correct answers to the quiz questions) until one attempt is left. In the earlier versions of Quiz Deluxe a user could fail the test first time, see and memorize correct answers and successfully pass the test  for the second time, but not anymore!

quiz feedback option


The download link for the certificate next to the quiz attempt in the Standard Quiz Results Layout

Now users can download the certificate for the successful quiz passing directly in the Standard Quiz Results Layout; the link will be placed next to the quiz attempt.

quiz results

We sincerely hope that the added features will improve your Joomla! Quiz Deluxe experience!
For those, who can’t wait to see the component in action, below is the link to Demo!

Try Demo!      

We are always open for suggestions on how we can improve our components! If you have anything to add, please, leave your comments below!

Sincerely yours,
JoomPlace Team