Google’s algorithm updates make website owners constantly change their marking strategies. Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and the recent Matt Cutts’ statement about the death of guest blogging for SEO purposes emphasize the importance of qualitative content and providing relevant search results to readers instead of spammy link building and keyword staffing. Content is becoming an important element of any business marketing. However, there is no point in having great, informative content without people seeing it! And here Social Medias come!

Every business owner knows that Social networks are cost effective means of driving traffic to the website and engaging with the clients: Twitter is the fastest way to spread your business news, Facebook allows interacting with the followers, LinkedIn helps to build the brand and make influential connections & Google+ helps to boost search engine ranking. Social platforms carry a lot of value, that is why it is vitally important to do social media marketing right.

How to be sure that your followers get the information you wanted them to receive? How to control the quality of the shared information? How to manage the content in one click? The answer is Open Graph Meta tags usage with social buttons.

How does your post look like when a visitor clicks a share button? If it is similar to the left image, then you're strongly recommended to read the post.

Open Graph look

What is Open Graph?

Open Graph is "social media language" that connects the website content with social networks and controls the way it is represented there. In other words, it allows you to manage the data that will be transferred to social platforms when a visitor likes or shares a post.

Open Graph tags allow specifying the data you would like to share:

  • og:title — the object’s title; 
  • og:type — the object’s type;
  • og:image — the image URL; 
  • og:url — the object’s URL;
  • og:description — The object’s description.

OG is set up inside of your webpage:

open graph script

When specifying Open Graph data, you need to remember the following:

  • og:title should be less than 95 characters; 
  • og:description should be up to 297 characters;
  • og:image needs to be within 50px X 50px & 200px X 200 px. The size of the image should be no more than 5 MB.

Taking care about our customers, we have simplified Open Graph set up for such components as JoomBlog, Flash Magazine & HTML5 Flipping Book. You can easily set up OG parameters by clicking metadata tab in the component settings. Thus, it will improve Ranking characteristics of your website and make the posts seen and shared within social networks.

joomla open graph tab
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