This post is a part of the Success Stories Series, featuring tips on how to use JoomPlace products and services. The story we would like to share with you today is about a remarkable project giving Spanish childless couples an opportunity to become parents by adopting children from abroad. And we are really glad that one of our components – Survey Force Deluxe - is a part of this!

“There are no unwanted children. Just unfound families.”

atlasATLAS is a non-profit organization founded in 1998 in the province of Madrid to help Spanish couples to adopt children from countries like Russia, Colombia, Perú, Argentina, etc., provide useful information and resolve questions that arise at the process of Child Adaptation on either national or international basis.

“The web site offers information, documentation and monthly meetings for parents. At these meetings they exchange information and the latest news regarding the adoption procedures in foreign countries. And as a group they help each other. The president keeps all the subscribers up-to-date with a lot of useful tips and suggestions. This way all the couples who want to adopt can here seek for guidance and advice.” – says Paco Almena, Senior Project Manager at Computer Interpro, SL.


Initially, the organization kept track of the quality of the meeting held by means of paper questionnaires that the couples filled out after the meetings. With time, due to increasing amount of couples participating at those meetings, manual questionnaires processing became not an easy task to do and a decision to find a survey on the web was taken. Plus, the couples got a chance to fill in surveys in privacy at homes.

asatlas adoptation survey
“We chose Survey Force Deluxe because of its visual results representation that is easier for comprehension for other people. It is the right tool allowing showing results to whoever asked for it. Easier, quicker and more professional! The president Paco Rua can recollect the information and make it available to the members and to the local government. This way he can obtain new funds to keep this excellent opportunity a live and make it grow much quicker. ” – says Paco Almena.

survey force

In the nearest future with the help of Survey Force Deluxe Asatlas President Paco Rua is planning to launch more surveys for specific countries. 

“So when parents want some more info regarding adopting a child in a specific country we can make this survey available to them. Something we, up-until-now had to send via email to the parents. Now it is much easier for him us to make new surveys as the needs arise.”

We wish Asatlas Association success and prosperity and hope that the organization will help more children to find loving parents!