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WordPress to JoomBlog Converter

Compatible with JoomBlog 1.0.8 and above

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Migrate from WordPress to Joomla! blog with our conversion plugin quickly and easily!

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The plugin is developed to convert your WordPress site into a Joomla! blog and start managing it with our popular extension JoomBlog. After migration you will find all your WordPress articles at a separate blog section of your Joomla! website created automatically. It will keep managing of the just imported blog content free of mess.

No time-consuming manual work of copying and pasting a bulk of blog posts, no SQL tables transferring is needed.

What can be imported actually?

You can import from your WordPress blog to JoomBlog:

  • users (except administrators);
  • categories;
  • blog posts together with comments.

When you start migration the plugin reaches WordPress data base directly and obtains all the data you requested to convert (published blog posts and comments, categories, all registered users except an admin user). Then it imports this data into corresponding JoomBlog tables. Automatic backup of your old SQL table is provided.

After migration you have to renovate content formatting to make your imported blog posts match your Joomla blog style. “Src” attribute of the images embedded to the imported posts will stay the same as images are not automatically imported to Joomla! media folder. Note that URL of your blog post will stay static what will help you to hold a substantial part of your results gained from SEO done for WordPress site. You can apply necessary redirections after migration.

JoomBlog provides possibility to create and manage either single Joomla! blog or several ones on one site. We allowed for the necessity to differentiate just imported blog posts from the old ones easily and manage them in your blogging environment. All the imported blog posts are added to a separate blog named WordPress which is created automatically. So, you will have them all at one place and can move every post to a proper category or blog easily. Enjoy it for free!

The conversion plugin was tested carefully before release and as of now there are no obvious limitations of usage at your Joomla! 2.5 site. Feel free to contact our support team if you face any issues.

WordPress to Joomla converter has simple management options. It is just several clicks deal to migrate article:

    1. Install the conversion plugin at your Joomla! 2.5 site with JoomBlog already deployed.

  • 2. Select the options to import from WordPress.

  • 3. Click "Start Migration".

That’s it! It is a 1-minute deal to convert your blog from WordPress to Joomla.


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