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JomSocial Plugins Bundles

For JomSocial 2.8 - 3.0
Joomla! Plugins Bundle to extend JomSocial component functions. Turn Lukewarm Users into Red-Hot Community.

Subscription includes code, updates, documentation and helpdesk support for unlimited domains for 6 JomSocial Plugins: Profile Guests, Featured Photos, Profile Designer, JomSocial Drag'n'Drop, JomSocial Classifieds, JomSocial Graffiti Wall.

The subscription is valid for 1 year.

Price: $114 $71

Add additional options to the basic package:
  • Lifetime access(+$71)

Subscription includes code, updates, documentation and helpdesk support for unlimited domains for the following products:

With Survey Force Deluxe you can allow your JomSocial community members to carry out their own surveys. The members will definitely become more active over a community thanks to the engaging option!

The subscription is valid for 1 year.

Price: $242 $139

Add additional options to the basic package:
  • Lifetime access(+$139)

JomSocial Plugins Bundle is a set of JomSocial plugins which helps you extend functionality of your JomSocial component and diversify users' activity. Save your time and money by taking advantage of bulk purchase of Profile Guests tool, Featured Photos extension, Profile Designer plugin, Classifieds tool, Drag’nDrop and Graffiti Wall extensions.

Advanced JomSocial Bundle is also powered by easy-to-use Survey Tool.

Survey Force Deluxe – advanced Survey and Polling Tool. It will empower you to:

  • Carry out surveys and collect information about your members needs and desires;
  • Create a pretend currency (AUP points) for a site and suggest your Community members earn AUP points for answering a survey;
  • Give members possibility to create surveys/polls from the front-end. It will allow to converting passive observers into active members.

Survey Force Deluxe will help you and your Community members get the best out of your JomSocial sites. Develop Your JomSocial Community Marketing Strategy and move your Community to peak condition!

Save on an advanced bulk purchase, convert passive observers into active Community members and find out more about their needs and desires.

Subscription to all our extensions in a bundle - subscribe and save up to 40%

Feel free to browse the support forum. And if you have more questions – get a reply from our technicians.

JomSocial Bundles

  JomSocial Plugins Bundle [-] Advanced JomSocial Bundle [-]
Profile Guests

Profile Designer

JomSocial Drag'n'Drop

JomSocial Classifieds

Featured Photos

Graffity Wall

Survey Force Deluxe

Survey JomSocial plugin

Survey AUP plugin



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Hello joomplace team,

I've purchased the Survey Force component and Great functionality... Love it.
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