About JoomPlace

The JoomPlace started working together in 2004 as Mambo / PHP developers’ team at Belitsoft — outsourcing software development company located in Minsk (Belarus, Eastern Europe).

In early 2005 JoomPlace became a Joomla! Development department of Belitsoft company. Today all products, custom development, www.joomplace.com website's client support is done by the staff of Belitsoft Joomla Department – JoomPlace team.

Now Belitsoft is a cohesive team of 110+ employees including PMs, web designers, HTML developers, software development and QA engineers, copywriters, etc. They all have higher education and at least 3 years of experience in their fields and related ones.

Managing director: Vladimir Tursin

Vladimir is a co-founder of Belitsoft. He supervises all aspects of marketing and sales for the Joomla Department (JoomPlace). Enthusiastic, inspirational, and an out-of-the-box thinker, Vladimir has ability to bring exciting, creative, and effective strategies to developing and publishing of successful software products, launching effective marketing, collaboration and presentation initiatives.

However any manager is a waste engine without driving wheels ready to implement any hot idea. JoomPlace Team has very good wheels indeed! Welcome one of our Joomla developers Dennis Hermatski to give you an idea of many-sided personalities we have in JoomPlace Team:

Dennis Hermatski has 8 years of experience in the programming field. He has been involved in Joomla! programming since 2005 when it was launched and has a rock solid understanding of their core functionality. Dennis is a member of Joomla Bug Squad (JBS) supporting with testing and quality assurance when a new Joomla! version is developed. Creative programming abilities and excellent debugging skills allow him to contribute to the Joomla! trunk with fixing bugs and suggesting new features. We are proud to know that Dennis is also a member of Joomla! Translation Team and translates Joomla! into Belarusian.

We offer other software development:

PHP programmers PHP applications development Magento programmers Zend development .NET programmers SharePoint development company Orchard applications development Java programmers Mobile applications development

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