Multisites Site Manager component

The component is not sold anymore

Single Sign-On is included into the package



  • automatically creates new subsites
  • uses one or more databases (one is default)
  • enroll/unenroll registered users for all or selected subsites
  • use CSV for batch functions
  • automated users synchronization function (from main site to subsites only)
  • if user is associated with one site he will be redirected there automatically after logging in(optional)
  • you can use the permissions mask
Synchronization & SingleSignOn is possible only for J! sites of same version line:
  • Joomla up until 1.0.12
  • Joomla 1.0.13 and above
  • Joomla 1.5.x

Two sites based on Joomla 1.5.1 and 1.0.15 won't be synchronized!


How does it play in Joomla!?


A user sees something like "Welcome to all of the courses/subsites at the XX Company" on your site and if he is logged in he can see a list with the courses/subsites he is enrolled into.

He clicks on a course/site link and is taken to the home page of the selected course/site where he is autologged in as a Registered User and ready to navigate all menu items shown for Registered Users.


When logged in as an administrator in the back-end of Joomla! the admin user can see a menu item in Components called Site Manager and can:

  • create/update/delete and look at a list of courses/sites (that are each created in separate folders containing a complete Joomla source site copy OR can be made automatically including configuration.php!)
  • create/update/delete users with all user data (user, username, password - also via batch import)
  • enroll/unenroll users into courses/subsites (also via batch import)

When submitting: the changes are updated in the database/in the database for each course.
You can either have a central database or a database for each course/site. If you want autologin working on courses/sites you must install an extra component on each course/site, this component is included in the download package.


Multisites Site Manager component menu items include:

Create users
  • User name
  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • When submitting – response: no errors/ error in creating user:username)
  • Import csv file (name,email,password,userrole) – Receipt: Okay/error

Delete users
  • List all users with name,email, courses/sites
  • Checkbox – delete (submit button) – Are you shure? – Yes/no – Receipt: Okay/error
  • Import csv file ( name, email) - delete (submit button) – Are you sure? – Yes/no -receipt: Okay/error

Updating users
  • List all users in text fields (with name, email, password) and a checkbox.
  • After writing a change to a field – Submit – Receipt: Okay/error

Create site/course
  • Database name
  • Site/Course live URL (where to send the username+password for automatic login)
  • Site/Course category
  • Site/Course name

Delete courses/sites
  • List all courses
  • Checkbox – delete (submit button) – Are you sure? – Yes/no – Receipt: Okay/error

Update course/sites
  • List all courses/sites (db name, the needed text) in text fields - After writing a change to a field – Submit – Receipt: Okay/error

Enroll users into courses/sites
  • Choose a course/site from a list showing all courses/sites
  • Choose users from list with checkboxes
  • Submit – Receipt: Okay/error
  • Import csv file (course/site, user) - When submitting – response: no errors/ error

Unenroll users from courses/subsites
  • Choose course/site – list users with checkboxes – delete (submit button) – Are you sure? –
  • Yes/no – response: no errors/ error
  • Import csv file (course, user) - delete (submit button) – Are you sure? – Yes/no –response: no errors/ error
  • Batch create users - Import csv file
  • Batch delete users - Import csv file
  • Batch enrol users - Import csv file
  • Batch unenroll users - Import csv file
  • Batch create/delete courses/subsites - Import csv file

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