Do you realize that Thanksgiving is around the corner? We have just celebrated Halloween with a lot of sweets, carved pumpkins and spooky costumes and now it is time to start thinking about gift ideas and a festive menu for coming Thanksgiving Day. Unbelievable how fast time is.

Thanksgiving is one of the most expected holidays, the one that brings joy and happiness, unites friends and families. Thanksgiving is time to say thanks to all the people around you for their support and love.We decided that it would be nice to express our gratitude to Joomla as well!

Here are 10 things every Joomla user should thank on this Thanksgiving Day:

  • An open source idea that makes Joomla freely available for every user.
  • Joomla contributors’ help. Joomla will not exist without devoted people, who do their best to make Joomla experience enjoyable.
  • JED team. Thanks to JED hundreds of third-party developers got a chance to list their components, modules and plugins & Joomla users to choose the best extensions based on reviews and rating.
  • Joomla developers and testers, who regularly work on Joomla new versions, add required features and keep Joomla up to date. Interface improvements, increased security, content versioning and many others features to make the users’ experience smooth.
  • Joomla translators’ input. Multilingual capability that allows creating websites accessible from all over the world is available thanks to translators.
  • Designers who work on enhancing website’s usability, renewing templates and themes to make the website unique and customizable.
  • Forum support. People, who are ready to help 24/7, answering questions and clarifying unclear situations.
  • Documentations. Thanks to qualitatively composed documentations, users have a chance to study the product quickly and implement it into the website at once.
  • A wide range of conducted conferences and webinars that teach regular users without any programming knowledge how to use, edit and modify components, how to add new extensions to the website and raise thereby its functionality.
  • Joomla! Magazine. Thanks to Joomla! Magazine contributing authors, regular users enhance their marketing, SEO and programming knowledge; get a chance to compare products and vote for Community Choice winner.

Having a Chance, JoomPlace team thanks all its customers for their loyalty, cooperation, support and kind reviews. Thank you for being with us!

Happy coming Thanksgiving!