Great components are great when you can easily use them.

Do you have free time to learn a new component you bought?

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We always try to save time. That's why here at JoomPlace we decided to put more emphasis providing you with 24/7 available video tutorials. For a few months our Support Team was working to create video tutorials, and as a result we have published video tutorials for JoomPlace hottest components. You will find more tutorials soon.

Now we are pleased to welcome our loyal customer as video tutorials creation partner!

Richard Sparksspecializes in developing and maintaining Joomla-based websites for individuals, small business and non-profits. Since most of his clients have very little technical skills, yet still wish to manage their own website content, he has been creating an expanding library of Joomla! video tutorials as an always-available personal tutor.

We found his “Testimonials Component” video tutorial on YouTube, made friends and now are glad to introduce “Customers Who Bought…” component video tutorial by Richard. The component allows you to display "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought..." module with your website products:

This tutorial includes a demonstration how it works, installation and basic configuration of the component. Advanced settings video tutorial coming soon. Thank you, Richard!

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