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The JoomPlace team has prepared a special proposal to our customers on Cyber Monday. Buy any Joomla! Component by JoomPlace and become 1 of the 10 customers who will get Like or Share to Download Component for Joomla for free!

Like or share to download

Like or Share to Download is a new social payment component developed to increase the number of your target customers in your social communities.

This extension enables you to get more people informed about your products and services in the easiest way. Every person who would like to download a desired file from your web site at first will have to say thank you by pushing the «Like» button. Only after that the «Download» button becomes active and the person can get the desirable file. In other words, Like or Share to Download Component automatically allows you to gain new potential clients in social communities without wasting your time and money on conducting special PR-campaigns!

Take part!

Each person who will make purchase of any component from JoomPlace will take part in the Give Away lottery.

10 lucky people who get «Like or Share to Download» free of charge will be randomly chosen from the total number of consumers by the computer.

The results of the Give Away deal will be published on the following day after Cyber Monday.

10 customers

will get Like or Share to Download
for FREE

The deal is valid only on November, 26!

Take part in the Give Away lottery!

Вecome one of 10 lucky persons who will get a free Joomla! social payment component!