Long-expected new version of Joomla Quiz Deluxe: 2.5.0

Author: Dmitry Baraishuk posted in Extensions on 2010-07-02

Tags: quiznew featuresJoomla Quiz Deluxe

We truly apologize that we kept you waiting for so long but we really hope this was worth it! In the new version of quiz we've added a number of new features which will help you run your quiz-based site especially if you're looking to set up simple courses but are not ready to spend a lot for the learning management system.

In the new version now there is an ability to create learning paths. A learning path may include however many steps you want which can be either articles or quizzes. A user won't be able to go to the next step unless the previous one is completed. So now you are free to set a sequence of how quizzes should be passed.

Next comes payment integration! There is an automated payment integration that works with VirtueMart 1.1.4, and there is a manual mode as well (in case you are not using VirtueMart on your site to handle payments). Using manual way you'll need to add a record for the payment to the component and set the confirmed status which will mean that a user has access to a quiz or learning path.

There is now also a new question type called 'Multiple Question'. This question is represented as a question itself and a group of sentences on which a user should answer, s/he should select the right answers. You may feel free to check it on our demo site already (don't forget that it resets every 3 hours and that someone might be already playing with it!).

Other features include:

Ongoing subscribers may find a new version in the Members Area, the subscription can be prolonged there as well. Please feel free to contact our support to tell us any suggestions you might have about the new features, or difficulties you meet with it. We appreciate all kind of feedback - it helps us improve the product!