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Author: Dmitry Baraishuk posted in Extensions on 2008-05-08

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Here is the latest news from JoomPlace.

Joomla Drag&Drop Component ver.1.0.0

We are so glad to present our new component for Joomla – Drag&Drop ver.1.0.0.

A high-end tool for managing online content by means of creating a dynamic area inside your template. Ability to easily drag the displayed/published modules into different locations within the area!

New users and existing customers are able to test the new component in our demo section of the site by clicking on

Joomla vBulletin bridge updated!
Changes and features:

JoomPlace. will always be ‘customer oriented’ and are happy to present to you our new servicing system which is available through the “Members area” on our web site.
There you will find components bought by you and be able to download them. The products have an automated licensing system which will limit the use of a component bought by you to one domain name. The updates for our components are also available through this system. We hope this will be a help for you to gets the latest updates and versions.

List of components available to serve through Member Place:
More coming...

On the coding board: