New features implemented for the components!

Author: Dmitry Baraishuk posted in Extensions on 2010-04-23

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Please take a minute to look at new features we’ve implemented in our Joomla! components and are planning to do in the next couple of months:


For the next release we plan to add ‘assessments’ for surveys which represent the extended rules feature, i.e. these rules will allow to evaluate the answers to a survey right after it’s submitted and display the feedback to respondent based on this evaluation.

Imagine like you ask a set of questions about a user’s skills and interests, and depending on the answers there are 3 variants of the job you’d suggest he’ll be best at, so a survey will show one of 3 variants that suits the user based on what he answered.



We’re currently working on the release which will include implementing the built-in payment system for the component and the feature that will allow you to use VirtueMart to charge people for taking quizzes. We’ve received quite a lot of requests on that so we believe it will be a very useful and essential part of the component.


In the next release we plan to include CSV import/export (feature will allow you to edit and create charts in a quicker way), usability improvements (completely new BE interface), template manager (which will include 2 default styles and 1 custom with the help of which you’ll define how your chart will look like e.g. colors, etc.)





NOTE:to fix this bug all existing customers should redownload the modified archive from the Members Area, and perform the following steps:

  1. unpatch vBulletin templates in the bridge's configuration
  2. uninstall the old component
  3. reinstall the new archive
  4. then patch forum templates.


We partially fixed the prev-next issue.

We’re continuously working on the components hoping they’re extending your Joomla! just the way you need it. The wishlist for the features is always renewed. The ongoing subscribers can download the latest versions in teh Members Area, and other customers can prolong the subscription there.