Joomla as a Platform for Web Development

Author: Alexo Mogilny posted in Services on 2011-11-14

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When you start the development of a new project, the first thing you think over is a platform to choose. If you haven't thought this way yet, it's time to start, as it can help you prevent many troubles in future (or at least be prepared for them).

There is a variety of platforms nowadays, so which one will be a suitable for your business?

The best answer is: "It depends on what your requirements are". In this post I will describe the strengths and weaknesses of Joomla! CMS, so at least you will know whether to choose Joomla as a platform for your project or not.

Joomla is chosen by millions of professionals and individuals for their projects as it could be as flexible as you want it to be. Purpose of a CMS is to integrate templates with extensions that are already built and designed to be a part of the CMS. Joomla Developers do some kind of magic to make it all alive.


Who is Joomla Developer?

Developer in the common sense is someone who just wants to code and not necessarily knows much about putting together a CMS.

Joomla Developer could be someone who is experienced with the CMS and knows the templates that will match your requirements and also the extensions that are mature, actively undergoing development and have withstood the test of time as evidenced by favorable reviews. It is also someone who has some experience with web design.

A good web designer and integrator will often need development skills to "glue" the extensions together properly or fix the bugs that go along with Open Source. As far as you can see Joomla Developer must be a multi-skilled person. They can act alone but frequently tend to build teams for being more effective.

If you prefer the professional Joomla Team to develop and maintain your web application or site, they will first find out the details of your project, then estimate what it will take to implement it. You will be provided with an estimate accompanied by an agreement that outlines your project overview, its requirements, their proposed solutions, a schedule with milestones for completion of key points, so you know if it is on a track. Plus terms and conditions for payment and completion of the project.

That said, someone with those skill sets should be charging you at varying rates depending on what type of work is being done and a level of the developer who is considered to work on a web project. The rates can vary from $7 an hour for a low quality work in some developing countries to $50 an hour for a "home" US or UK developer.

However one can mention that the quality of on-shore and off-shore development in Europe is just the same - the only issue is a communication. If you can find an off-shore that communicates well, why overpay for a "home" feature? The off-shore developer could cost you 20-50% less than on-shore.

Why is Joomla after all?

However as a core con of Joomla for your business you should note that the more you extend your web siteempowering it with new features the more optimization work it requires. This optimization work is all about making extensions you use to work together seamlessly. You will need experienced professionals' assistance to keep your site controlled and quick. It is really easy to master ,anaging Joomla web site daily, otherwise you will need professional developers alongside to deal with optimization issues. Any way Joomla is popular all over the world and you will have no promlems with finding such professionals. You can start from checking our Joomla! Support and Custom Development Services.


Good luck with implementing your ideas online!