How to migrate WordPress blog to JoomBlog ? Conversion Plugin Release!

Author: Dmitry Baraishuk posted in Extensions on 2012-08-23

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JoomPlace made it much easier to migrate to JoomBlog from WordPress using a conversion plugin, and besides the blogging component went tangibly faster. Improvement process must go on!

A lot of our customers asked us to migrate their blogs from WordPress to JoomBlog. As such kind of service is not included in the basic subscription pack we decided to automate the process by a simple plugin and give it away to our customers for free.

Wordpress to Joomla blog extention conversion

Welcome non-commercial WordPress - JoomBlog Converter! The plugin makes it a snap to migrate your blog posts with comments, users and posts categories to the Joomla! blogging component. No more need to copy and paste all your blog posts manually or request it as a paid service from JoomPlace. The plugin is simple and pure enough to be used by non-technical folks.

To migrate your wordPress blog to JoomBlog, just follw the short instruction below:

We are thrilled to note that JoomBlog 1.0.8 is available now. Core of the blogging component is improved to lay the smooth road for new features, a number of minor bugs are fixed and besides this version is faster. Enjoy it!

FW Gallery JoomBlog Pack

We tested the WordPress - JoomBlog Converter carefully before releasing it and as of now there are no obvious limitations of usage at your Joomla! 2.5 site. Feel free to send your feedback to our support team or tell us in comments below.