Multisites Control: New release!

Author: Ann Rukan posted in Extensions on 2013-07-19

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Recently updated Multisites Control Joomla! component from JoomPlace has been released. Significant improvements have been implemented, enabling you to manage the content of all your Joomla! subsites at a higher level. Check out the list of new features of the multisites control extension below.</em>

Multisites Control is an admin interface for content, banners and news management from main site to child sites. This multisites management component for Joomla! has become compatible both with K2 component and JoomFish extension as well as has been enhanced with a possibility to copy access levels. All these features improve the component substantially and allow you to manage the content of all your Joomla! child sites more efficiently.

Transferring access and language settings of a parent article to a child site

Small but a very useful feature is added into the Joomla! multisite administration component. The possibility to copy access levels is implemented, allowing you to save time and efforts on the content management of all your Joomla! child sites.

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Manage the content of all your Joomla! subsites at a higher level!

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