Personal Goals Manager 1.2.3 Release is Here!

Author: Ilona Hetsevich posted in Extensions on 2014-06-27

Tags: Personal Goals Manager

JoomPlace team is glad to announce another release of Personal Goals Manager component! The release is utterly and completely devoted to interface & navigation improvements!


There is no doubt that clean URLs are important both for humans & search engines. That is why we made SEF URLs fuller, more canonical & easier for understanding. Before URLs just reflected overall menu items such as plans, goals or habits and “Edit” action, but now they display every goal among all created goals, every plan among all created plans etc. and a particular action such as “Add a task” or “Add a record”.

sef urls We have already mentioned Breadcrumbs implementation in previous Personal Goals Manager Release, however we decided to go further and made breadcrumbs more specific. Now you will be provided to the every corner of the component!


Personal Goals Manager menu now includes separate menu items for Plans & Goals to assure quick dashboards access.

toolbar We have embedded Management Toolbar with ordering, sorting and fast management options. Now you can easily find a necessary goal by selecting a category, typing the goal title in the filter field or ordering goals by ID, date and title. Plus not to waste time on unnecessary operations the option to “Add a quick record” to the selected goal was added. By default a new record title is “Quick record” and the mode is relative, but you can always make necessary changes. 

milestones Now milestones change their status automatically based on user’s achievements. If the milestone is achieved the status will be changed to “Complete” by itself. If you are still working on it, you will be shown a due date and how much more you need to achieve to complete the milestone.

Stages & Tasks are now located on one page for quicker and easier plans edition. To add a stage, task, edit or delete it is possible within a few mouse clicks!  

goals tasklist Personal Goals Manager can be used as management & collaboration tool thanks to a new dashboard – TaskList. An administrator can create plans and assign their completion to a particular user by specifying a user name in the Back End. After login, the user will see the plans assigned to him.

To see all the changes in action visit Demo website! 

Try Demo!