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Author: Ilona Hetsevich posted in Extensions on 2014-07-22

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If you are not HTML5 Flipping Book user yet then it is time to become one as newly released Flipping Book Extension is supposed to allay all your doubts. Significant amount of features added are intended to enhance your user experience and create great interactive content for your Joomla! website. Besides, there is a special 1 week offer. Check it out!

Standard & Professional versions features

Zoom & Full Screen Mode

Based on numerous requests we added Zoom  & Full screen modes for publications. 


Mobile Reader

To improve Flipping Book publications accessibility on mobile devices we embedded Mobile Reader with possibilities to view and adjust reader setting by changing background & font colors, font size and enabling Night mode (white letters against the black background). All the reader settings and the last opened page remain i.e. next time a user opens a publication using a mobile device the last opened page will load.

mobile readernight mode












 Go To page navigation settings

With added “Go To page navigation settings” an administrator can decide whether to include a cover page into pagination or to omit it. When “Include cover page” option is on, numeration begins from the cover page.
When an administrator decides to omit it, cover page is excluded from pagination i.e. the first two and the last two pages.

omit cover page

Professional version features

Hard Cover Book Effect

In addition to “Magazine” template there is “HardBook” one available to create publication with Hard Cover Book Effect.

hard cover

Display settings

Once you log in, a list of available publications will be shown. By clicking “Settings” icon a drop down menu with possible actions will be opened:

By clicking “Profile” icon a user will be redirected to his profile page where the recently opened publication as well as the other book statistics will be displayed:

reading room

Publications can be displayed as a list or as a virtual bookshelf.  

book shelf

Integration with JomSocial 

Flipping Book Integration with JomSocial allows publication sharing using JomSocial profiles: by posting on the wall or sending a private message.


Sharing via Email

Any publication can be emailed to a friend.


Text Search 

All text publications are supplied with text search:  Once you type in the text you will be shown the pages where it appears. Plus, the text will be highlighted for visibility. 
Embedded Joomla! Search plugin allows text search within books and book pages.

search plugin
Test the component by visiting renewed HTML5 Flipping Book Demo website!

Try Demo!      

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