Membership Software: An Endless Chronicle

Author: Elena posted in Extensions on 2012-05-16


By selling memberships of golf clubs, gymnasiums, library, etc. you add members to certain groups and provide them various facilities according to plans. While adding members to your plans you live in trouble with managing lots of hard copies of membership forms, customer’s information, their subscriptions, logs, expired subscriptions, etc. To handle it all effectively you will need Membership Management Software. See the proper software industry overview to get an idea quickly and take educated look at PayPlans - Members Management Software for Joomla under GNU/GPL license.

Membership Management Software

To resolve membership handling issues, we moved towards membership software. This software makes it damn easy to manage various services and their availability period to your customers or members. In other words, a software that manages membership of users for an organization is said to be a membership software. A membership software always manages certain number of plans which can be subscribed by your customers to gain access to services as available in the plan.

Two basic ways of managing memberships are:

  1. Offline Membership Management Software;
  2. Online Membership Management Software.

The former one works as a stand-alone software and doesn’t require any Internet connection. While, the latter one looks for the availability of Internet to manage memberships. Checking the industry chronicle you can see that even 10 years ago offline membership sales were widely spread. Nowadays offline membership software is not preferred for use because of three main reasons:

There are two types of membership software:

  1. Open Source Membership Software;
  2. Proprietary Membership Software.

Open Source Membership Software is available with minimal costs and provides you lots and lots of flexibilities.

Proprietary Membership Software also work similar to the open source membership software but, the key difference is in the fact that with proprietary membership management software you remain bounded with copyrights of source code, the membership software may support only certain types of files, high cost of availability and millions of other restrictions.

As online membership is proven to be preferable to focus your business on check the key ingredients which are required before you sell online membership:

If you choose Joomla! CMS to manage content on your site, take a look at a really good membership management solution worth a try – PayPlans. They have recently launched an awesome new version. Start your trip with the solution from this version.

PayPlans 2.0 Stable Release (A Membership Software)

PayPlans 2.0

In this latest version, they provide customers with a newly built architecture, eye-soothing interface, playful experience of different applications and most importantly. Proven customer satisfaction is what they basically focused on.

Besides now PayPlans customers don't have to bother about migration from older versions of PayPlans to PayPlans 2.0 as they have resolved it too. Now, it’s much easier for users to breathe with PayPlans. It will surely be a scintillating experience for the people who are currently working with PayPlans 1.4. and the newcomers Read More...