Today we are pleased to present our Weekly Support Recap devoted to the most urgent issues about JoomPlace extensions. Every week we will publish Top 5 Issues our customers face with and solutions provided by JoomPlace support team. Every week is dedicated only to one add-on. It enables you to have quick access to the most important information about each extension and to go back to it as often as required.

The first Weekly Support Recap is devoted to Joomla! Testimonials component. Look at Top 5 Issues about it below. The answers are kindly provided by Maria Barbarchik, JoomPlace Support Manager.

Top 5 Things You Should Know about Testimonials Component

Testimonials component1) How can I hide unnecessary fields in the testimonials submission form?

You can hide practically all the fields except of Testimonials in the "Add testimonial" form. To do it, use settings (Components - Testimonials – Settings in the admin area).

2) How do I change a template?

The template related option can be found in the settings of the Joomla! menu item to which you assigned the Testimonials component. Note that it's not possible to change a template for the Testimonials module.

3) How do I get custom fields to display in a template?

Once you have added custom fields, you should manually specify the location of the fields in the template. To do it, go to Testimonials - Manage Templates. Open the template assigned to the component, put the cursor anywhere in the code and press the button with the name of the custom field.

4) How do I change the language?

If you simply want to change the names of options, open the file “en-GB.com_testimonials.ini” in the folder SITE_ROOT\language\en-GB\, modify it and save the changes.

If you want to translate the names of options, find the file “en-GB.com_testimonials.ini” in the SITE_ROOT\language\en-GB\ folder, copy it to the folder with the language installed on your website, change the file’s name, e.g. pt-BR.com_testimonials.ini for the Portuguese-Brazil language, modify the file and save the changes.

5) How do I get the Add Testimonial link to display?

To allow users to add testimonials, go to Testimonials - Settings - the Permissions tab. Select Allowed for the Create action for the necessary group, e.g. you may enable only registered users to submit a review, or both registered and guests.


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