JoomPlace continues to publish Weekly Support Recap which covers the most urgent issues about Joomla extensions. We would like to remind you that every week we present Top 5 Issues our customers face with and solutions provided by JoomPlace support team. Every week is dedicated only to one add-on.

The second Weekly Support Recap is devoted to Joomla Quiz Deluxe Component. Look at Top 6 Issues about this extension below. The information is kindly provided by Nadia Ivanova, JoomPlace Support Manager.

Top 6 Things You Should Know about Joomla Quiz Deluxe Component

Joomla Quiz Deluxe Component
  1. How to view the quiz on Front-end without prior publishing it for users? You can open the quiz/learning path via the direct link without creation of a menu item. The link for a single quiz: index.php?option=com_joomlaquiz&view=lpath&Itemid=86 The link for learning path:
  2. How can I change some words or option names in the component? You can find the required constants in the QuizDeluxe language files and just change their text to the necessary variant: for the Front-end language constants see the file your_site_root/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_joomlaquiz.ini for the Back-end - administrator/language/en-GB
  3. How can I install plug-ins and is the plug-in for the AlphaUserPoints component. So if you plan to use this component, you need to install this plug-in in the Plugins section of that component, not in the Extension Manager of Joomla. The same with, it is the plug-in for Community Builder, and it should be installed right in it if you use it. If you are not planning to use any of these components, just skip this plug-ins installation.
  4. If a quiz is inserted in an article, the page gets scrolled to the quiz right away. How can I disable the scrolling? In the file components/com_joomlaquiz/joomlaquiz.html.php

    On the line 64, comment the text in the following way:



    varselectedPosX = 0;

    varselectedPosY = 0;

    <p >while(theElement != null){


    selectedPosX += theElement.offsetLeft;

    selectedPosY += theElement.offsetTop;

    theElement = theElement.offsetParent;

    } catch(e){}




    } catch(e){}



  5. How can I set up payments for quizzes via VirtueMart component? What you need to do now is to create quiz products. To do that, complete the following steps:
    • Create a product for the quiz Category in the Virtuemart.
    • In the Quiz Deluxe component, go to Payments > Quiz Products section.
    • Click New.
    • From the select VirtueMart product drop-down list, select the VirtueMart product you want to assign now. Leave the Product name field empty. The name of the selected VirtueMart product will be used for your convenience.
    • Select check box for the quiz (or several) you want to be in this product.
    • Define the period when this product will be valid, and amount of attempts the user can take this quiz.
    • Save the changes.
    • Create a menu on your site where the users will see all the quizzes they purchased.
  6. How does penalty for questions work? This option is needed when you allow several attempts to answer one question during the same attempt to take a quiz. So the penalty will serve the purpose to give the user less points if he answers the question more than once. It's done to prevent attempting many answers to the same question and getting the maximum result in the end. So if you have 8 points for the correct answer to the question and set penalty to 20%, when the user answers it correctly he gets 8 points. If the user answers correctly from the second attempt, he gets 6 points, from third - 4 points, finally he gets nothing on the 5 attempt.

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