When spring comes our activity rapidly increases and we all start setting up new plans and goals. To do it correctly as well as to reach them surely, Personal Goals Manager helps you. The 8th Weekly Support Recap is devoted to this Joomla! personal managing component. Find out the main things you should know about Personal Goals Manager in the list below. The information is kindly provided by Maria Barbarchik, JoomPlace Support Manager.

Top 6 Things You Should Know about Personal Goals Manager Joomla Component

Personal Goals Manager extension
  1. How do I change the language?

    If you want to simply change names of options, open the file “en-GB.com_goals.ini” in the folder _SITE_ROOT_\language\en-GB\, modify it and save the changes.

    If you want to translate the names of options, find the file “en-GB.com_goals.ini” in the _SITE_ROOT_\language\en-GB\ folder, copy it to the folder with the language installed on your website, change the file name accordingly, e.g. “pt-BR.com_goals.ini” for Portuguese-Brazil language, modify the file and save the changes.

    Mind that in some cases you don’t have to manually translate the file. You might want to check the translations page first. All the translations might already be there. If you want to use these files, download them and upload into the folder specified next to the files.

  2. What is the difference between Goal and Plan?

    In fact, these two elements are almost alike for you can fix any event setting goals or making plans. The difference is in the way these elements work.

    Plans allow you to create a ready structure and you need to mark your task as complete in due time. All the other actions are done automatically (i.e. completing the plan when you finished the tasks assigned to it).

    Goals are composed of records that enable easy fixing of your progress. You can also create several milestones for one goal and assign a number of records for each milestone. Hereby, any goal can be divided into several steps. Once you fixed records for your milestone, you should manually mark it as complete.

  3. I can see Goals and Plans dashboard. But where do I find Habits?

    Apart from Goals and Plans dashboard, you can set two more dashboards – Habits and Today Dashboard. To do it, create separate Joomla menu items and assign the Habits menu type and Today Dashboard menu type to these menu items respectively.

  4. Where can I change the date format for charts?

    To select date format, go to Components – Personal Goals Manager – Configuration – Settings. Find the Chart tab and manually enter format into the Date Format field.

  5. Can I set up a series of starter templates for people to just help themselves to on my site? For example if somebody wanted to give up smoking there would be an automatic setup of fields and records and milestones to help them through all the different stages.

    It’s possible to set up the component in this way. To do it, go to Components – Personal Goals Manager in the administration area. In the component menu, you will see the section named Manage Templates. Create necessary templates and save them. Once you decide to associate one of the templates with a user, click Create from Template in the corresponding section, e.g. Manage Plans, Manage Goals etc.

  6. Can users manage their Goals and Habits through JomSocial?

    Yes, they can. Apart from the component, the default installation package includes the plugins plugin_community_goals, plugin_community_plans, plugin_community_habits. Install and enable them for users to have access to goals, plans etc. through their profiles.

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