At the height of summer and in spite of a holiday period JoomPlace development team was working hard on the release of a new version of Joomla! Quiz Deluxe Extension. And today we are glad to announce its availability in our store! Real-time tracking, the availability of certificates and pdf reports at the Back End and a certificate verification code are the new features of Quiz Deluxe 3.5.0!

Real -Time Tracking in Expert Subscription

Starting version 3.5.0 the administrators got a chance to monitor students’ activity in real time. For example, it is possible to check who is online, who of the students is taking the quizzes and what their progress is. There is a progress bar to visualize the students’ progress. 
!!! The feature is available just for Expert subscriptions.

quiz real-time tracking progress bar


The Availability of Certificates and PDF Reports at the Back End

Previously, certificates and pdf reports were available for students just at the Front End. We decided that it is quite inconvenient for an administrator and added a chance to access the files at the Back End by clicking a link. Now administrators can check the way a certificate and results are shown to a student and download the documents if necessary. The feature is available for all subscriptions.

ccess pdf reports at the back end joomla quiz

Certificate Verification Code

A certificate is an essential part of the testing and evaluation process, a sort of a statement of a quiz/course accomplishment for students. And this is quite reasonable that both instructors and students want to be sure of the certificate authenticity. We took this request into account and added a possibility to add a unique verification code to the certificate. To insert a code you need to add #unique_code# tag in the certificate settings section.

The verification codes are shown at the Back End under the Reports tab.  Administrators can use Search field for finding the necessary certificate. To do that the following code needs to be typed in: “code:XXXX”. The feature is available for all subscriptions.

add verification code to quiz certificate

Joomla! Quiz Deluxe 3.5.0 is available for update at the member’s area and purchase at JoomPlace store.

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