JomSocial Developer

JomSocial fans were impressed to see even more JomSocial improvements than they anticipated in the tenth major release! We are happy to celebrate JomSocial 2.4 release by sharing our quick look at the staring community engine and some tiny releases.


What’s New?

Improvements included revamped Activity Stream, a number of refined options to display photos and videos, sending messages to multiple recipients and much more. JoomPlace Team favorite improvements are all about performance. While testing our add-ons with JomSocial 2.4 we really enjoyed the much faster performance under the JomSocial hood. As site speed is an important Google ranking factor you will not strive trying to make your community site faster any more.

As JoomSocial 2.4 is released all involved Joomla Developers got their hands on it to update their JomSocial add-ons.


Here JoomPlace Goes

Next to much-adored JomSocial we are glad to announce that now all JomSocial plugins are JomSocial 2.4 compatible and stable. It took time to test them. Any way it was worth of waiting. Now our current customers can peacefully update JomSocial and JoomPlace plugins being sure that no problems are coming. Just check “My Account” at for JomSocial 2.4 and “Members Area” at to download your favorite plugins updates.


Generosity Party!

JomSocial Developer

Don’t use JomSocial yet? JomSocial is so kind to provide 25%OFF coupon for new customers - ‘CYBERMONDAY’ The deal is available up to the end of November. Use it at the checkout page to have your special discount implemented.

Sales Season is coming and we can’t stand adding extra deal for new JomSocial users from our side.

Feel free to use the same coupon –‘CYBERMONDAY’ – to purchase any of two available JomSocial Plugins Bundles with a special 25% discount!


Note! All autumn long new JoomPlace customers gets extra 2 Joomla! Support hours to get help on ANY Joomla issues for FREE!