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A number of Joomla! blogging component releases coming soon. Here we go!

Today we release the new version of the JoomBlog. Welcome JoomBlog 1.0.3.

Go Global

No more need to use third party plugins to give your visitors possibility to share your content. Now JoomBlog is integrated with Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn directly. You can embrace Social Media easily. We also added social buttons to list of posts and/or to posts.



Global comment system and social bookmarking service integration was updated:

- you can use either built-in comment system or enable global comment system (Disqus)

- you are free to use either native JoomBlog social buttons we deliver together with the component or enable third party social bookmarking service (Addthis)


JomSocial integration

Your blog posts will now appear in your community Activity Stream. We updated the blogging component permission system. Now you can also set special access permissions for JomSocial Community members.


User Friendliness

JoomPlace Team updated settings page interface to make it more user friendly. Upon JoomBlog users’ requests multi category option was added. Now you can add a blog post to a number of categories.

We hope you will enjoy using the new JoomBlog and appreciate it!