"Wow! This is an electronic English study workbook! It’s a pity I didn’t have one at school."

It was the first impression when I’ve opened a link sent to us for a components users contest.

When we create our components, of course, we hope that with their help, people will be able to create interesting things easier, but you never know how will it look like.

Listening Comprehension
(click to watch a video)

Website Online Angol one of such good examples. Although I had to make a great effort to investigate the site in Hungarian, it was worth of it! Site is focuses on English language testing, predominantly level B2 (CEFR) with different skills like reading and listening use of English skills.

Using JoomlaQuiz Deluxe component site authors organized a series of successful tests in English. I call them successful, because questions involve multiple channels of perception: visual, auditory and speech. First link I've opened was a public English language test. In order to achieve the effect of listening comprehension authors have combined the questions and the audio files in settings of JoomlaQuiz Deluxe. Of course, a special impression, produce questions with Hot Spots. Immediately my own classes at a language school pop up in my mind.

Let's get into details how you could make a quiz similar to Online Angol using JoomlaQuiz Deluxe component.

First of all you should set your quiz to display all question on one page. Nevertheless if you need several pages you could use a page breaks. Using a boilerplate question type you could make a header question containing any type of information (e.g. text, audio, video, images, what ever you like) that would be the same for next several questions. You could setup how many times boilerplate might be played, so your students should be attentive.

After that add question and options to check assimilation of material. Using a HotSpot question you could specify image area as a correct answer. User should click it to pass the test.

So I recommend to try Online Angol if English is a foreign language for you. I have received at least 15 minutes of pleasure going through this what-is-correct tests.

And don't let the language barrier (for those who like me do not speak Hungarian) become an insuperable obstacle to the new knowledge! :)

I also have a link for a more complicated test, that include different types of questions. It is a little bit harder to access them, you will need to resister. I’ll kindly provide you with a link to registration form I’ve found by myself :) Go here to register, enter your login, email, etc. and then you will be able to try this quiz. In this quiz the impression of workbook is a complete. There’s a pick one, fill in the blank, hot spot, true/false questions and much more.

Play it. And say your ’Thank you’ to the site authors.