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Here is the latest news from JoomPlace.


RoomBooker - few bugs fixed and new English language file
vBulletin Duo-Sync Bridge - new features and updated FAQ
Existing customers can download the updates on our web in Updates after login.

Blackboard to JoomlaLMS course converter
We are happy to announce that we have finished a converter to have

  • course content
  • and quizzes

from exported Blackboard courses directly imported into JoomlaLMS!!
Our new online converter is the very first converter in the world working 100% for both documents and tests/quizzes exported from Blackboard.

We are working on:

  • webconference sessions recordings and storing for later use
  • a Content System for the JoomlaLMS, so you can have all your files and assets stored in one place including access administration features. So when using files or assets in LMS courses you just need to update the source file and all courses will be updated

Try the JoomlaLMS free 30-days trial at

On the coding board:

  • Drag&DropModules component - move your modules to wanted position from front end
  • SurveyForce vers.2
  • JoomlaQuiz Deluxe
  • RoomBooker vers. 2
  • FlashMagazine Deluxe
  • QuizForce for MS Windows
  • PowerPointForce for MS PowerPoint