In late May the Americans celebrate Memorial Day and honor the fallen heroes who have passed while serving for the US. As this day is also associated with the start of the summer season, the Americans usually start outdoor time spending season during this week spending time together. We would like to join the holiday and have a virtual hangout with our current and future customers at our blog.

Let us give you a look behind the curtain to learn the new Joomla! component we have been developing right now - Online Memorials Directory. It is coming available on June 12. The component makes it easy to create expressive media-rich memorials and give importance to those who gone both military and civil.

Online Memorial

Creating online memorial walls you can highlight and honor breakthroughs of the people who are gone. Images and videos will help to express emotional angle of the story smoother.

Light a Candle

Visitors of your memorials directory will be able to leave their comments and light a candle and say “you are not forgotten”.

Online Memorial Directory

We are releasing
Online Memorials Directory
on June, 12 at $49 (half price!)

It will cost $99 then. Don’t delay.

Listen the song to get an emotional idea of the component without any fuss: