JoomPlace team is working hard on overhauling the Joomla! Quiz Deluxe component templates. A few hundred small but valuable changes have been implemented to improve your Joomla! quizzes experience.

Today we are glad to announce availability of 2 gorgeous front-end templates for Quiz Deluxe component. New templates will make your quizzes both beautiful thanks to crucial layout improvements and user-friendly thanks to buttons with understandable titles. No need to create your own templates anymore!

See the screenshots of the first template below:

  • Joomla! quiz template
  • Joomla! quiz template
  • Joomla! quiz template

Check this template on the live demo -

The default template is almost the same, but green colored. See on the live demo -

Now it’s perfect time to try the templates out, report issues and shape our road map. If you have already subscribed Quiz Deluxe feel free to update the component and get the new templates for free.

We’re looking forward to your feedback in the comments below. Try the quiz templates out!