With dozens of implementations on numerous Joomla! web sites, one might think Personal Goals Manager has been on JED for longer than 4 months.

The extension, still in its infant stages, started running at once, not crawling, since it was launched and started supporting people to change their lives for the better.

Personal Goals Manager

Today we announce a new version of Personal Goals Manager and first of all we are glad to let you know that now it supports fractional numbers in result fields. So, you can for example record that your reached 54.3 kg weight for your weight loss goal. Next to this most requested option we have implemented a number of usability and visualization improvements and welcomed translations of the component into Spanish and Danish.

Visualization Improvements

No rough curves at goal’s chart anymore. Goal’s chart is improved using spline chart. Now the chart displays smooth curves through the points with your records data that emphasize your results.

Do your site users got accustomed to checking their habit’s improvement progress daily using a habit’s bar chart? The bar chart is used to display positive and negative habits. Now spline chart is added to display day's summary and deliver extended information on your habits trend at a glance.

Habit's Bar Chart

Usability Improvements

Now you can copy your previously saved goals! The option made a new goal creation much easier for users. Just copy one of your active goals in the administrator’s area, edit it if needed and save as a new goal.

We extended Personal Goals Manager administrator rights too. Now administrator can assign or change the owner of a habit. For example let’s suppose you use the goals component for engaging your community members to improve their habits. So, you can create a habit and assign it to one of the JomSocial community members. The habit assignment option might be exceedingly useful for internal corporate social networks, thematic networks supported by masters in the field or any other social network.

New Translations

Thank you, Diego Hagopian, for your translation of Personal Goals Manager into Spanish. According to our Support Team they received some requests for Spanish language files for the component and were pleased to find your translation ready and tested. It is a little wonder that the translation is in demand, because Spanish is the mother tongue for 358 million people. Thank you, Diego, for making Personal Goals Manager easily available for all these folks!

We are pleased to say thanks to Mads Andersen for translating one more component by JoomPlace into Danish! We are glad that you liked the component so much to leave a 5-stars review at JED:

JED review for Personal Goals Manager

Thank you for being proactive and sharing your experience and ideas. Your wish is added to our “Wish List” and will be implemented in one of the next versions of the component.

We hope you enjoy Personal Goals Manager 1.0.3. Feel free to share your experience at Joomla Extensions Directory.