JoomPlace has recently updated Personal Goals Manager. A lot of improvements are made to engage more your Joomla! site users into self-management process. Check out the most crucial enhancements of the personal managing extension in the text below.

  • Create Plans with  Personal Goals Manager!

    Plan The Future Easily

    A new category is added into Personal Goals Manager. Now besides goals and habits your Joomla! site users can easily create, schedule and fulfill plans successfully.

    It is obvious that the actions are more likely to be completed when they are tied to calendar dates. Just spend some time in advance to divide your plans carefully into certain stages and tasks with specific deadlines.

    As with goals and habits, it’s very easy to manage your plans and track your progress using the personal management component. All the users have to do is only to mark the scheduled activities as complete in due time. When they finish any task or stage, it will automatically be displayed on the plan graph. It perfectly visualizes the progress and motivates the users to do their best. It is also useful to view your plan realization at the progress bar or check out the planned tasks in the built-in calendar.

    When all its stages and tasks will have been finished, the plan will be automatically fulfilled.

    Thus, plans will definitely lead your site users to the desirable results. Get more avid visitors of your site!

Predefined Templates

Want to engage your users into the process of goals, plans and habits management quickly?

Simply give your clients an example. Create templates for goals, plans and habits they can use. Surely, they will like such an idea and enjoy time saving option. Encourage your clients to become more loyal to your Joomla! site!

Handy Dashboards

To manage your goals, plans and habits effectively, it’s crucial to have a convenient dashboard.

We developed 3 handy dashboards (Today, Goals&Plans, Habits) to provide you both efficiency and usability.

Use separate dashboards for Goals&Plans and Habits to monitor all your goals and plans and to track your progress easily.

To manage all the goals, plans and habits set for today, check your Today Dashboard.

Other Added Features:

  • Content and editor-xtd plugins for Plans
  • jQuery option
  • Option to choose color and icons for goals and plans statuses
  • Bootstrap options
  • Etc.
Personal Goals Manager extension

Want to involve your Joomla! site users into self-management process?

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