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News Flash Magazine Deluxe: version 2.0.14

Categories: New Releases , Extensions

New version of the component is available for download in the Members Area and includes:

  • templates display: fixes in scrolling pages and images representation
  • added Norwegian language

News Flash Magazine Deluxe: content and xtd-button plugins

Categories: New Releases , Extensions

New version of the component (2.0.13) now comes in a package with 2 plugins: a content plugin and xtd-button plugin. Once installed and published the content plugin will allow you to insert magazines directly into the content articles. For example tag The magazine isn't available at the moment

will be replaced by a link to flash magazine. You can as well insert magazines directly without linking to them.

Even more, with xtd-button plugin you won't need to look for magazine's id and place tags. What you'll need to do is just click the FlashMagazine button in the bottom editor menu and select a magazine from the ones available on your site, and indicate whether you want to place a link to it (if yes, then what text) or put it directly into content.
Don't forget to publish the plugin after installation.

New version also includes a new template 'Butterfly' in addition to the existing 3 that will make your magazines look green and fresh.


Team Blog Latest news from our team

Categories: Services , Extensions

The newsletter highlights:

  • Detailed information about Joomla 1.5 and Community Builder 1.2 compatibility
  • JoomPlace has become a Microsoft certified partner
  • 4 new templates released
  • The most important release notes for some of the components

News Joomla 1.5 compatible components

Category: Extensions  

News Latest news from our team

Category: Extensions

The newsletter highlights:

  • MultiSites Site Manager Pro, ProFTP 2.0.0 Released
  • Testimonials component released
  • Affiliates program: you can earn money with us by selling our products!
  • Huge FlashMagazine Deluxe update
  • New version of Drag&Drop 2
  • List of components fixes
  • On the coding Board

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