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News Personal Classifieds: Search Option Added

Categories: JomSocial Apps , Extensions

Personal Classifieds plugin has been recently enhanced with a new feature. The Search option allows extending the functionality making the plugin even more handy to use. The search is available by the Title, Description and Category fields.


News Joomla! 1.6 Releases: Testimonials and Drag&Drop Components

Categories: New Releases , Extensions

JoomPlace is excited to announce the first batch of hot extensions upgraded to Joomla! 1.6. Testimonials and Drag&Drop extensions comprise this release. Thanks for your great feedback! We start upgrading to Joomla! 1.6 from the extensions you requested. Let's see what we have now...


News JomSocial 2.0 compatibility

Categories: New Releases , Extensions

All our JomSocial plugins are already compatible with JomSocial 2.0! However we still support older versions, so when you download an installation package you will find two archives there: each for the respective JomSocial version.

Ongoing subscribers may find a new version in the Members Area and reinstall the plugin.


News FIX for GRAFFITI plugin! version 1.4

Categories: JomSocial Apps , Extensions

Since we released our Graffiti plugin for JomSocial many customers ran into similar issue due to the specific set of configuration necessary to be done both to default wall plugin and ours. You may find the explanation below.

Our wall worked with no issues provided two requirements were met:

  • the default JomSocial wall plugin is enabled
  • but only our graffiti wall is added to the profile page

That’s why we got a lot of requests when either the default wall was disabled on the website, or both walls were added to user’s profile page. Particularly this was comments and icons that were not loaded and shown on the wall.



Categories: JomSocial Apps , New Releases , Extensions

JomSocial plugin for JVB. New version 1.1.3.
Now the plugin for JVB is compatible with JomSocial. New option is added for JomSocial. It is developed in order to make our product more user-friendly.
You download “JVB bridge” archive from your “Members Area” and there you’ll find this plugin JVB for JomSocial. So you don’t need to search it anymore, you can simply use it.

New version 2.0.3. of “SMF Bridge” component has come out.

The bug is fixed in the plugin for JomSocial. Before there’s an embedded feature in our component “SMF Bridge”. When the option ‘Facebook authorization’ for JomSocial is supposed to be used, the plugin did not response or did it incorrectly. We’ve fixed this bug. Now this function works properly!


News Graffity wall new release - bug fixing

Categories: JomSocial Apps , New Releases , Extensions

New version 1.2 of 'JomSocial Graffiti Wall' is released today. You can download it from your Members Area on our site:

The release contains a fix for the SEF issue when there were certain problems using application with sef enabled, now everything works well.
However, there’s one more issue. We have identified that some of the features of our application (e.g. like comments) don’t work if the default JomSocial application 'Wall' isn’t published. A user may not add it to the profile but it should be enabled in Joomla. We’re currently looking for a solution.


News New JomSocial plugin & new Testimonials component version (1.0.11)

Categories: JomSocial Apps , New Releases , Extensions

Our new plugin JomSocial Graffiti Wall can become the favorite place for your users to communicate. One can find so many funny and interesting inscriptions there starting with congratulations and ending with wicked jokes. With this special graffiti application a user will be able to select the color, brush size, its opacity, add noise and draw whatever he wants on his, friends' and other users' profile walls.


News SMF bridge new version: 2.0.3

Category: Extensions

The bridge now supports JomSocial besides the Community Builder so users can take advantage of it. Ongoing subscribers may find the new version in the members area. The subscription can be prolonged there as well.


News JS Profile Designer plugin: new version

Categories: JomSocial Apps , New Releases , Extensions

Thank you for the attention you've given to our JomSocial plugins just as we released them! Your feedback helps us improving their features.

We've just laid out the new version for Profile Designer (1.1) which will help to address certain issues when e.g. a user can't find the plugin if the Profile context menu is hidden:
now you can set in the BE plugin options whether you want to make it a core application or not, whether you want to show it in menu or not, and whether you want to show it in application or not.

Hope that will help to solve part of the questions and we'll work further on it.


News JomSocial plugins released & new Drag'n'Drop 2 version

Categories: JomSocial Apps , New Releases , Extensions

We've just released several plugins for JomSocial. Now you can complement your JomSocial copy with the following features:

  • Profile Guests plugin displays a list of users who visited user's profile. The list is displayed a user's profile. In the plugin settings one can select the number of users shown.
  • Featured Photos plugin allows user to place favorite images to JomSocial profile. User can select what images from all photos should be shown on the profile page for visitors.
  • Profile Designer plugin allows user to change the design of his profile: change the color spectrum,add a wallpaper.
  • JomSocial plugin for Joomla Quiz Deluxe which allows to optionally show user's quiz results in his profile.

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