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News Testimonials component: module improvement! (ver. 1.0.9)

Category: Extensions

Recently our customers reported a problem they faced with the testimonials module in IE. The fading which used the old fade in – and out system was replaced with JQUERY library which excluded the unnecessary settings in the component’s configuration and now works correctly with most of the browsers.

Ongoing subscribers may find the new version in the members area. The subscription can be prolonged there as well.


News JoomPortfolio: new version (1.0.1)

Categories: New Releases , Extensions

The new version of JoomPortfolio that was released today includes the following enhancements and fixes:

  • new field types to describe the portfolio elements (text field, textarea, email field)
  • the component now supports content plugins which means that now content which is shown with our survey is handled by all content plugins (and this allows to use all built-in Joomla features)
  • we've added meta-data for portfolio items (metadescription, metakeys, author)
  • we fixed the way titles are handled (title section now shows the name of the section, category and element)
  • SEO improvements (we've developed a plugin for ArtioJoom Sef)
  • and we fixed uploading images issues

News New features implemented for the components!

Categories: E-Learning , Extensions

Please take a minute to look at new features we’ve implemented in our Joomla! components and are planning to do in the next couple of months:


  • since version 2.2.1 the component supports content plugins which means that now content which is shown with our survey is handled by all content plugins (and this allows to use all built-in Joomla features)
  • version 2.2.1 also contains a content plugin for the survey component which means that now you can insert surveys right into your content articles (to do that you’ll need to install the plugin and publish it, next go to the article and insert a tag {surveyforce id=1} where 1 is the id of the survey which can be looked up in the survey management section)

For the next release we plan to add ‘assessments’ for surveys which represent the extended rules feature, i.e. these rules will allow to evaluate the answers to a survey right after it’s submitted and display the feedback to respondent based on this evaluation.

Imagine like you ask a set of questions about a user’s skills and interests, and depending on the answers there are 3 variants of the job you’d suggest he’ll be best at, so a survey will show one of 3 variants that suits the user based on what he answered.


News Hot-fix got JVB bridge!

Category: Extensions

Recently there was reported a bug when the forum never loads when you search it (with the bridge installed). The problem only persists for subscribers using VB4.

To fix this bug all existing customers should redownload the modified archive from the Members Area, and perform the following steps: unpatch vBulletin templates in the bridge's configuration uninstall the old component reinstall the new archive then patch forum templates.


Team Blog Must-read: New site and innovations at Joomplace

Categories: Services , JoomPlace

Dear customers and visitors,
we are pleased to announce our innovations done on the site. We hope it will become more user-friendly and facilitate your work with it. From the start you can see our new design with the modified navigation. We believe now it will be a lot simpler to find the component you're interested in, and to contact us in case you haven't found the answer to your questions on the site.


Team Blog Latest news from our team

Categories: Services , Extensions

The recent changes done in the recent couple of months:


News Latest news from our team

Category: Extensions

We've deployed several new ideas and presented a couple of new modules to our visitors, please take a look at new things you can come across on our site:

Make Use of TrialPay Services

Using Trial Pay services you can now buy our certain components for free by completing an alternative offer of another company. We agree to supply customers with free stuff if they in turn agree to sign up to TrialPay and buy a goody from the presented list. If you're interested, you can get more info at the following page, you can also see there the list of available 'free' components.


News Latest news from our team

Categories: New Releases , Extensions

PHPbb 3 Bridge Joomla 1.5 Native

We've finished developing this bridge for PHPbb3 version and Joomla 1.5 native mode. Since many of our customers requested this compatibility and asked for it we're ready to present it in our webshop. You may get the trial of it here.


News Latest news from our team

Categories: New Releases , Extensions

The newsletter highlights:



News Latest news from our team

Categories: E-Learning , New Releases , Deals and Discounts

The newsletter highlights:

  • New version of Live Conference is released
  • The list of components compatible with Joomla 1.5 native is expanded
  • Requirements to licensing Joomla 1.5 native components have changed
  • Maintenance and 1st priority services introduced
  • DISCOUNTS valid for first December days!

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