Love is in the air!

Valentine’s Day is coming. The tradition have flourished to be associated with love to whoever and whatever in the world. We can’t stand of expressing our love to Opentranslators which are awesome on spreading Joomla! love around the world and give you a gift for the holiday.


We love you, Opentranslators!

Opentranslators - speak our to the world

Opentranslators is a volunteer community that mobilizes people to share their Joomla! love through the simple power of words.

They make it easy for their country citizens to enjoy Joomla! benefits having it in native language

We love you, Opentranslators, and hope you will keep on loving both Joomla! and JoomPlace. Happy Velentine’s Day!


We wish all of you to have Limitless Opportunities and Vital Energy!

To express our appreciation of Opentranslators’ efforts we provide everyone who translated at least two of our components with ultra-advanced 40% affiliate commission!


Some Personal Praises

We would like to give personal praises the translators who has contributed JoomPlace project recently.

Ariesanywhere has translated 6 of our components into Thai language. Thank you for spreading Joomla! love to Thailand! We love you :-)

Thank you, Mads Andersen, for translating into Danish! Mad have already won a JoomPlace Award for being the most disciplined translator. It is his style to test all his translations strictly and report his results carefully. Now 6 of JoomPlace components speak Danish. Go on sharing Joomla! love in Denmark. We love you, Mads :-)

We also would like to share our love to:

No action of spreading the Joomla! love, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

We love you all, guys! We will release more translations soon.


Grab your Valentine’s Day gift!

JoomPlace Valentine's Day Gift!

We're super excited by finding our components translated into more languages, so it's time to celebrate, you will get Testimonials Component (1 domain) as a bonus for FREE, when you buy any of our Joomla! extensions!

Grab one of our extensions and submit a request to JoomPlace Support Team to get your gift. Don’t delay as the promo expires on February 18th, Saturday.