This week we will discuss the main problems the users of JoomBlog face. Find out more about the most widespread questions our customers ask in the list below. Top 5 JoomBlog problems and solutions are presented by Maria Barbarchik, JoomPlace Support Manager.

Top 5 Things You Should Know about JoomBlog

  1. How can I remove the "random post" button from the blog? To remove the button, set the Show Random Post Button option to No (Components - JoomBlog - JoomBlog settings - the Layout tab).
  2. How will my blog look after the migration from WordPress to Joomla using JoomBlog? Will the functionality be different? The blog posts will look like the default JoomBlog pages. You might want to check the look&feel as well as the functionality on the demo site So the procedure is as follows:
    - you purchase and install the JoomBlog extension
    - download and install the free plugin
    - move the posts from Wordpress to Joomla

    Note that if your original posts contain internal WordPress links or images, they will remain the same. For JoomBlog to work fine, you have to manually change the links and paths to images.

  3. I set up different blogs. How can I make that only one user can post into a particular blog? To allow only one user to post into a particular blog, take the steps below:
    • Create a new blog and assign a specific user as the author of this blog.
    • Proceed to the Permissions tab of the blog to select “Only Me” for the “Who can post in this blog” option.
    • Go to front end, log in as the user to whom the blog is assigned.
    • Click “Add Post” and make sure that you see the aforementioned blog in the “Select Blog” drop-down.
    • Log out and log in as a different user.
    • Click “Add Post” and make sure that the aforementioned blog is not visible to you in the “Select Blog” drop-down.
  4. How can I shut off the blog name in the front page post title? To remove the blog name, go to Components - JoomBlog - Settings. In the Layout tab find the Show Blog Title option and set it to No.
  5. How can I make the posted comments to be shown only after approval? To set up the comments system, go to Components - JoomBlog - Settings. In the Global Settings tab find the Comments section and adjust the options as required.

    Configure also the Notification section in the same tab.

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