The 7th Weekly Support Recap is devoted to Online Memorials Directory extension. Check out the whole list of frequently asked questions about this Joomla! component below. The information is presented by Maria Barbarchik, JoomPlace Support Manager.

Top 5 Things You Should Know about Online Memorials Directory

Joomla! Obituary Solution
  1. How can I change the text on the Extended Search button? I was wondering which component file the string was in.

    If you want to simply change names of options, open the file “en-GB.com_memorials.ini” in the folder _SITE_ROOT_\language\en-GB\, modify it and save the changes.

    If you want to translate the names of options, find the file “en-GB.com_memorials.ini” in the _SITE_ROOT_\language\en-GB\ folder, copy it to the folder with the language installed on your website, change the file name accordingly, e.g. “pt-BR. com_memorials.ini” for Portuguese-Brazil language, modify the file and save the changes.

    Mind that in some cases you don’t have to manually translate the file. You might want to check the translations page first. All the translations might already be there. If you want to use these files, download them and upload into the folder specified next to the files.

  2. Is there a way to sort the memorials so the newest show up on top of the list?

    To order memorials, adjust the option Show latest items first (Components – Memorials – Settings – Obituary).

  3. Can I change the date format to Month-Day-Year?

    To choose necessary date format, find the options Date Format and Custom Date Format in memorials settings (Components – Memorials – Settings – Obituary/Category).

  4. Can I as admin get notifications once an obituary or condolence has been submitted?

    Yes, there are the options Notify admin of a new obituary and Notify admin of a new condolence. To set them up, go to Components – Memorials – Settings – Guestbook.

  5. Does Online Memorials Directory have the ability to offer paid listings to users? In other words, charge for adding video, extra photos, etc.?

    Unfortunately, paid listings are unavailable. At the moment the component is not integrated with any payment method. Perhaps, we'll introduce it later, but this is yet to be considered.

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