For people who deal with Joomla! on a daily basis content plugins have become a part of everyday life. 
A small script frees us from remembering special codes, allow us to control and manage the content and what is most important extends both Joomla! and Joomla! extensions’ functionality without necessity to enter and edit the code. 

For those who are Joomla! newbies, content plugin represents a code between { } tags that on the basis of specified rules processes the content and fulfils certain activities. Technically it works the following way: you put a rule inside the article and a content plugin replaces it with a proper result.

joomla plugins

With a content plugin embedded you are able not only to insert images and PDF files, create conditional statements but integrate third-party extensions to open new opportunities for improving the process of making the content interactive and engaging.
Want to conduct a survey? To embed a dynamic chart into the article? To insert a magazine with flipping pages? To use popular video files or data from other extensions? 
You can do it with content plugins!

Look at the example we have in one of our blog posts on DEMO.


The article displays all the opportunities that are open for JoomBlog users! Thanks to JoomBlog compatibility with Content Plugins and Editor Buttons the process of working with external data is simplified and visualized through WYSIWYG Editor.

joomla plugins


Plus, JoomBlog is not the only component with such opportunities! All JoomPlace extensions are supplied with Content Plugins and Editor Buttons!
Content management is supposed to be easy even for those who don’t have technical knowledge! Time to create!

Sincerely yours,
JoomPlace Team