JoomPlace team is glad to announce availability of Joomla! 3.x compatible WordPress to JoomBlog Converter making migration from WordPress to the latest Joomla! 3.x version possible within a few clicks. The converter is completely free! Login to JoomPlace website and the download link will be activated.

Both WordPress & Joomla! are commonly used Content Management Systems and the disputes about their strengths and weaknesses will probably never end. However, if you made a decision to change from WordPress to Joomla! blog and start experiencing Joomla! functionality and versatility then WordPress to JoomBlog converter is what you need! 

Why to choose WordPress to JoomBlog Converter?

  • The converter saves a bunch of time! Instead of manual copy-pasting you will be able to transfer all your articles, categories, users and comments within a few mouse clicks. The steps how to migrate WordPress blog to JoomBlog are described in the blog post How to migrate WordPress blog to JoomBlog? Conversion Plugin Release!;
  • No programming skills are necessary, the migration process is automated;
  • The component saves money: no need to pay for CMS migration services;
  • After the migration you will manage your blog with popular blogging software called JoomBlog that is being constantly improved and renovated by our developers. For example, we added into the latest JoomBlog 1.3.0 version such features as enhanced code quality for higher blog ranking, improved WYSIWYG editor, cross-browser support, StumbleUpon, Google Authorship and Gravatar integration, social media tags setup  & etc. More detailed information is available in the blog post JoomBlog 1.3.0 Release: Blog Like a Pro.

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Change from WordPress to Joomla! Blog and start experiencing Joomla! blogging advantages.