JKayako bridge component

Compatible with Kayako platform versions 3.40 and higher!
JKayako bridge is the complete solution to connect Joomla to Kayako helpdesk.

This Joomla and Kayako bridge component provides almost full synchronization between Joomla and Kayako profiles with Community builder support without any changes of core files. Imagine how easily you can install the bridge to your Joomla site, how easily you can upgrade it and how easily you can install any other 3rd party components because of no core files changes!

CB 1.0.2, CB 1.1, CB1.2 support.

Kayako and your Joomla site must be on the same domain. You can use Kayako in a usual way or wrap it in Joomla as a component and browse it without reloading a page.

The bridge includes the following features:

  • no changes of Joomla and phpBB core files required - easy to install and upgrade your system
  • manage helpdesk configuration and users from Joomla admin panel
  • transfer users between Joomla and Kayako preserving their profile data
  • full support of Community Builder (additional CB plugin installation required), ability to assign Kayako profile fields to CB ones
  • wrapping Kayako in Joomla as a component and browse helpdesk without reloading a page (~1 minute Kayako template changes required)

Advanced synchronization options include:

  • Kayako auto registration
  • Joomla auto registration
  • Log user in Kayako when he is logged in Joomla
  • Check Kayako before Joomla registration
  • Log out user from Kayako when he is logged out from Joomla
  • Change Kayako profile when changed in Joomla
  • Change Kayako password when lost in Joomla
  • Delete Kayako user when deleted in Joomla
  • Block Kayako user when blocked in Joomla

You can as well decide if you want to synchronize super administrators and to what Kayako usergroup.

Feel free to browse the support forum and if you have any pre-sale questions get a reply from our technicians.

Please read below the description how the bridge works and best practices to use it to avoid confusion after you subscribe.

In case you're connecting your Joomla and kayako with the bridge, WE RECOMMEND you to use a single registration. E.g. you use a registration on the site and you enable the redirection from helpdesk registration to the site. Same applies to login.


a user will need to login to Joomla at least once after synchronization so that the passwords should synch and autologin would work.

The thing is that Joomla and kayako don't store the passwords abroach. They save hash sum of passwords. Moreover, the algorithm of hash sum is various, so it's not possible to use password hash sum from Joomla in kayako or from kayako in Joomla. If you synchronize the users from Joomla to kayako, it's impossible to convert Joomla password hash sum to kayako one. So incorrect (Joomla's) hash sum is stored in kayako table.

When a user logs in Joomla and passes the check, for kayako hash sum update we use the password, which the person has entered; then it's possible to log direct in kayako. But right after the synchronization you cannot log direct in kayako.

NOTE: that makes it impossible for people to log into kayako directly or change the password in that situation.

Currently we don’t see a way to improve that, and there are several reasons for that:

  1. We don’t want to develop any scripts that make hacks (as it excludes the possibility of future upgrades)
  2. There are several web development barriers with loading scripts from remote servers
  3. Kayako source code is encoded

It is supposed to be single sign-on from both places, isn't it ?

It's single sign-on only from Joomla to kayako. I.e. if a user logs in Joomla, s/he will be logged in kayako. Otherway, a user won't be logged in Joomla. But you can logg in Joomla using login and password of kayako.

If I have some custom fields in kayako for user profiles and when I synchronize users from Joomla to kayako, these fields will be empty? If I afterwards, add values to these fields in kayako and then synchronize again (from Joomla to kayako) will the data in these custom fields be removed?

The users table in Joomla has less fields by default than the users table in kayako. So there's no place physically, where's possible to relocate the data from kayako to Joomla. There's the component "Community Builder" for Joomla. It extends Joomla functional and allows to create the additional fields for users. If you use it, all data could be relocated from kayako to this component. There's the tab "Community Builder" in the bridge configuration, where you can set what and where should be relocated.

How the synchronization works exactly if I place the users copied into kayako (Registered group by default) into their proper user groups? What happens next time when I synchronize? Will the users double?

The users won't be doubled, because there's the check on uniqueness. Just the profile fields will be updated.

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