Published on February 13, 2019

Custom Development Policy

Our company reserves the right to change or modify current policy without prior notice. The altered version becomes effective within 2 business days after it is published on our website (

Custom Development Options
We provide a wide range of services associated with custom development for Joomla, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Development of a new Joomla website from scratch or making changes to an existing website
  • Development of a new Joomla extension (component, module or plugin) or customization of an existing one
  • Customization of JoomPlace components (changes of functionality and/or appearance, adding new features)

In case of customization of our products, JoomPlace reserves a right to decide which features are to be added to the future versions of the component.

Please, note that if you install an update on top of the customized component, all custom features will be overwritten. If you contact us beforehand, we will be able to replicate the customization on the newer version of the extension on a paid basis.

Scope of Work
The scope of work includes only features described in Software Requirements Specification (or a similar document) provided by the customer. If a request for custom development and the description are made through a Helpdesk ticket, then the customer’s message is considered the specification of the requirements. The customer can also request Business Analyst on our side to create Software Requirements Specification on an hourly paid basis.

Any items not listed in the mentioned sources are considered out of scope for the project. The addition of out of scope items to the project scope will not be made without prior approval by JoomPlace and will be handled through change requests.

Change requests, as well as enhancements and improvements not requested initially, are considered additional work. These items may be done separately after full completion of the project or be included in the current scope of work and involve corresponding changes of project estimate, budget, and deadline.

Third-party extension bugs, website template conflicts and other issues revealed at the time of the development and not caused by our customization work will require the involvement of additional resources. In this case, JoomPlace will notify the customer about the detected issues and the changes to the project’s budget and time frame.

Time Frame
The deadline of the project is a matter of agreement between the customer and JoomPlace. If no deadline was specified at the time of communication with the customer, the expected completion date is counted according to the formula: project estimate/20 dev. hours per week=number of weeks prior to the deadline.

JoomPlace has no influence on the development of Joomla! The products and customizations developed by us are always designed for the latest released version, but we can give no guarantee that the product will run with future versions of Joomla.

Custom Features Support
We provide 6 months warranty support for all our custom projects free of charge. During this time we will fix bugs and issues associated with the custom development done by JoomPlace. Warranty support doesn’t include updating customized extensions to a newer version.

After 6 months, support of a customized component becomes paid. That is, we will fix bugs and issues only on a paid basis.

Please, note the following regarding free warranty support:

  • Custom extensions are developed specifically for the given environment, i.e. the website with the defined parameters and software versions. We provide free warranty only for this environment. The warranty becomes void if the issue occurs as a result of changes in the current environment (including server software, CMS version, etc.) or using the extension in a different environment (on another website).
  • We do not provide free support if our customization’s code has been modified by you or a third-party developer. You will need to consult with us regarding paid support options.
  • We do not fix issues caused by your site template incompatibilities, conflicts with other extensions and third-party plugins. In this case, we can assist you on a paid basis.
  • Providing administrator and FTP access to your site for bug-fixing is highly recommended and ensures the most appropriate solution. In case if the issue cannot be reproduced on our end, we won’t be able to fix it unless you send us the required credentials.
great service!
    simply outstanding service! Have helped customise a component, and been great at being able to sort out the final tweaks. Highly recommended!
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