Joomla! Live Conference

Joomla! Live Conference
Meet online and record your sessions with our Joomla conference!

The Live Conference component for Joomla! is used to be integrated in our learning management system as a part of it. Today it's a stand-alone Joomla extension that can be easily managed by your staff in the front-end.
Subscribe to the conference and order a Flash Media hosting to enjoy the advantages of a live communication - including recording of sessions!

The conference component allows to conduct online sessions among the selected amount of users that are managed by one of them with the teacher status. The conference's got a voice and webcam support so that participants can communicate without any difficulties.

In addition there's a chat pane where users can exchange messages. But what's more important the conference window allows to work with files with a special toolbar for drawing. It also allows video files playback during the conference (swf format only).

Hide Unavailable Conference option helps the users to be up to date.

Users may also access the joomla conference archive where they can playback the recorded conferences. The teachers of conferences can also publish/unpublish and delete the conference records.

Users may join conferences in the corresponding section where all the announcements are listed; a teacher may also create, edit or delete the announcements.

A registered user may also send a request to join a certain conference. A teacher may either accept or deny the access. The teacher's answers are sent via email.

NOTE: The component requires Flash Media Interactive hosting which should be obtained additionally. You can actually use any Flash Media Interactive hosting company you know, but please make sure that they deliver original Flash Media Interactive server. Mind that, for example, Red5 and Wowza are considered non-original. Alternatively, you are welcome to purchase our joomlalms hosting. Just select the required option at the "Flash Media hosting for web conference module" tab. Remember, you should register at joomlalms.com first.

Feel free to browse the support forum. And if you have more questions regarding this Joomla component – get a reply from our technicians.

How many people can view the conference?

These issues depend on FMS hosting (Simultaneous Connections).

Can guests use their cam and mic?

Yes, they can. There're two groups of users: one group includes the presenters, other includes the audience of the conference ('students'). A teacher / presenter of the conference can enable and disable the students (one, or several, or all of them). Also the leading can set the capability of sharing cam and mic, and have an access to the white board.

What is a flash server account?

FMS account is used for sharing stream resources between users (sound, video,...). Flash server account provides rtmp url, which you can use to connect to FMS. In account settings you can setup access rights (setup referrers) to your account. Also you can setup access rights in application (main.asc) file, if you have programming skills.

How do I set up Flash Communication Server account?

If you've bought flash media server hosting please follow the steps below:

NOTE:The steps are based on the Influxis.com hosting. The interface of other hosting providers may vary.

  • Create the folder 'liveconf_app' in the FMS account
  • Upload the .asc files (diskSpaceLimit.asc, EventDispatcher.asc, main.asc, PElemTools.asc, PRecorder.asc) to the application folder. the files are to be found in the liveconf_app folder of the Live Conference installation package
  • Create empty folder 'streams' in the application folder
  • Create empty folder '_definst_' in the folder 'streams'
  • Click 'My applications' button in the FMS account
  • Click 'File manager' link -> 'Add new application' button
  • In field 'Enter a name for your new application' enter 'liveconf_app' and select 'I will add my own ASC file(s)' option. Click 'Continue'
  • Select option 'Upload ASC file' and upload main.asc file supplied in the liveconf_app folder of the Live Conference installation package
  • The following message appears: Application Name: "liveconf_app" has been created successfully. You may now set your RTMP for this application in your Flash movie to: rtmp://xxxxxxx.rtmphost.com/liveconf_app
  • Go to Joomla! administration area -> LiveConference configuration and enter rtmp://xxxxxxx.rtmphost.com/ into the 'Flash server URL' field.

I have now installed Live joomla conference and registered an flash media host account however when I enter the rmtp path into configuration I am not able to connect. Why is that?

The reasons for the issue may be the following:

  • rmtp path is entered incorrectly
  • the needed files (asc files) are uploaded incorrectly to the media server
  • if all of the above is correct you need to check if your account settings have a limitation to domain.To solve this you need to disable the domain limitation and make a limitation to connect with the help of our main.asc file (there is an example there): just enter the list of domains separated with comma that can connect to this media server.

What file formats can we use at the white board to playback video files?

You can use swf format.

What other file formats can we use at the white board?

You can use all file formats. But only image files (PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP) and Flash SWF files can be displayed on the white board. All other files will be opened for downloading when it's selected by leading person.

Are conference colors configurable with CSS?

No, but conference styles are configurable from the backend (the Conference tab of the Live Conference configuration).

Version 1.2.0 Released [20-February-2012]
  • Joomla! 2.5 compatibility release
Version 1.1.1 Released [30-August-2011]
  • Menu item title and page header support added [1.6]
  • Changed popups generation [1.6]
  • Flash objects interface fixes [1.6]
  • Added navigation chains [1.6]
  • Added rooms descriptions [1.6]
  • Added tooltips length control [1.6]
  • Added Russian to the front-end [1.5, 1.6]
  • Fixed control bug [1.7]
  • Added Joomla! 1.7 support [1.6]
Version 1.1.0 Released [10-June-2011]
  • Compatible version with Joomla!1.6
Version 1.0.3 Released [July-2011]
  • Added the changes to support FMS3 server.
  • New config option Hide Unavailable Conference is added.
Version 1.0.2 Released [November-2008]
  • Conference window size optimization (to fit 800x600 resolution)
  • Conference recording bug fixed
  • Code optimization to decrease the size of SWF files necessary for participation in a conference
  • Possibility to view a web camera of any participant of a conference (switch on/off)
  • Possibility to enlarge a web camera of any conference participant
  • Possibility to change audio and video parameters (for different types of internet connection)
  • Objects and pictures Drag & Drop bug fixed
  • Access to conference bug fixed
  • Joomla 1.5 native compatibility
  • ploaded files are moved to "media/com_live_conference" directory so that they wouldn't be lost when uninstalling the component

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