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Survey Force Deluxe is a comprehensive and easy-to-use Survey and Polling Tool. The extension is designed to create surveys or polls and even build troubleshooter, collect data and analyze results online. Front-end authoring is supported!

Survey Force Deluxe is Joomla! 3.x compatible.

Why to use the extension?

With this extension you can survey anything and get rewarding PDF or CSV reports!

Almost every site needs to survey people online. See some examples below:

  • If you run elections for the government or school council you can use Survey Force Deluxe to carry out the Joomla! poll online;

  • Do you sell products or services online? It is crucial to clear understanding of what your customers want from you and how you can motivate them to make a repeat purchase. With the Joomla! survey component you will easily collect real-time feedback and make informed business decisions;

  • Marketing Specialists, no more mail-out survey campaigns. Survey Force Deluxe makes online surveys creation a snap;

  • Are you involved in support service? Improve it and solve your clients’ problems quickly creating a troubleshooter!

There can be unlimited ways of using surveys/ polls empowered with Survey Force extension! Invite your users and get started!


  • Survey for Joomla

    Variety of Questions and Rules

    You can select from 8 questions types: LikertScale, Pick One, Pick Many, Short Answer, Ranking Drop-Down, Ranking Drag'and'Drop, Boilerplate, Ranking. Make your survey diverse and exciting using a number of additional question options:

    • Group all questions on one page, place each on separate page or create your own layout with the help of Page Break divider;

    • Decorate questions and survey description with a unique image or video;

    • Use questions conditions to move to the particular question depending on the user reply;

    • Add different question rules like don't show this question if.. or if the answer is.. jump to question;

    • Set the importance scale for each question (optional);

    • Set default answers;

    • Specify if the question should be compulsory or not.

  • Customize joomla survey

    Customizable Look

    For every survey you can apply its own attractive background image using the special option or leave it blank to keep user concentrated and focused on the poll. Two additional options are available to enhance your Joomla! survey:

    • progress bar for tracking and controlling the survey process;

    • “Prev “navigation button.

    Deeper customization of your surveys view is easy as the survey component comes with 2 predefined templates. You are free to modify CSS of each of them. You can also create your own unique template based on the existing one and upload it to your component right away.

    The templates are adaptive to mobile devices!

  • survey front end management

    Front-End Management

    You can assign any your Joomla! users as a survey author and give them the managing permissions. It opens wide functionality for your users allowing them to have their own surveys, add, edit or delete them, create their own user lists and reports.

  • joomla survey results

    Colorful Results View

    When the survey is complete, a user experiences the final page. Take advantage to design it any ways from the list below:

    • You can only show some custom message to the user, like thank you message for answering the survey;

    • Final page can also have graphical representation of the survey results;

    • You can choose BarChart or PieChart type of graph and show the statistics how all the users answered each question of this survey;

    • If needed, graphs can be combined with a custom message or the results can be hidden at all by means of redirection option.

  • survey for jomsocial

    Integration with Popular Components

    • Survey Force comes with a plug-in for AlphaUserPoints component, so you could promote participation of users in your surveys. The idea is to satisfy the users strive for recognition giving them promotion points, ranks or medals for answering your surveys.

    Note that the survey component comes with a content plugin in the installation package. So, you will be able to insert your surveys right into content articles. You will definitely enjoy results!

How do I create new joomla survey?

At first create a new category for the survey. Choose 'SurveyForceDeluxe->Categories' menu item, press 'New' button, input category name and description (optional). Press the 'Save' button. After that click on new category name to view surveys for that category. Next press the 'New' button to create a new survey and do the following:

  • input name for future survey;
  • input survey description (introductory text to be displayed on first survey page);
  • select background picture for survey;
  • select category for survey;
  • select language;
  • input expiry date for survey;
  • set access rights for survey.

How do I set users access rights for my joomla survey?

When you create (edit) a survey the following options are available:

  • Public - all users will have access to survey.
  • For Invited Users - only invited users will have access to survey.
  • For Registered Users - only registered users will have access to survey.

I've uploaded new background picture. Why doesn't it appear in background pictures survey list?

To upload a new picture, click the button next to pick list and upload a picture in the appeared pop-up window. Then refresh the page where you create (edit) survey so as to refresh pictures list. If you want to download a lot of pictures download them into 'images/surveyforce' folder via FTP.

How do I know whether users like survey questions or not?

You can set 'importance scales' for questions to ascertain user's opinion on the question. To do that go to 'SurveyForceDeluxe->Surveys -> Importance Scales' page, press the 'New' button, input question text (e.g. 'How important is that question for you?'), set answer variants and press the 'Save' button. Then edit the question for which you want to set 'importance scale' and assign created 'importance scale' for that question.

How do I offer users to estimate some list using specified scale?

'Likert Scale' question type is used specially for that. Using 'Likert Scale' you can offer a user to estimate certain list by a specified scale.

The colors of rectangles in 'Drag and Drop' questions don't match my template. How do I change that?

The colours for 'Drag and Drop' question can be changed on the following page 'SurveyForceDeluxe -> Configuration'.

Why is there no link to my site and survey in invitation e-mails?

When you input message text on 'SurveyForceDeluxe -> Manage e-mails' page you should use '#link#' variable that will be automatically replaced with a link to survey for invited users.

How do I filter results on 'Reports' page by users' answers necessary for me?

Filter by users answers becomes available when you're filtering results by surveys. To view it please select a survey from the dropdown list. And there you will see the list for filtering results by answers.

How do I make a link to a survey for public or regisered users?

Go to Main menu and add a component link - choose the Survey component, give the link a name, choose the placement of the menu link and press Save.Then go to 'SurveyForceDeluxe->Configuration->Menu Manager' and assign a survey to the created menu item.

Patch 3.2.6
Released [11-June-2018]
  • Ranking questions issue resolved
  • MySQL error in reports resolved
  • Invitations sending fixed
  • Section name saving fixed
  • AlphaUserPoints plugin updated
  • 'Delete' button added on the user list
  • 'Server request error' resolved
  • Pagination in results fixed
  • Missing data in csv report fixed
  • Page break adding fixed
  • Invitation letter html fixed
  • Sending errors message added
  • Rules for 'Short Answer' question added
  • Saving as Copy fixed
Patch 3.2.5
Released [14-September-2017]
  • SQL injection fix
  • XSS vulnerability fix

Patch 3.2.4
Released [01-August-2017]

  • Some language constants fixed
  • Mail pause by user
  • Pause in remind and invite timer
  • Admin UI improvements
  • UI improvements
  • Double page break issue fixed
  • Some messages fixed
  • Https support fixes
  • Front-end authoring fixes
  • PDF fonts fixed
  • SEF/Routing fixes
  • Some critical security fixes
  • Admin results duplication fixed
  • Short-answer question fixes
  • Adminitstration of ranking question fixed
  • Fix for pick one question
  • "Completed" plugin event extended ("Completed-api")

Version 3.2.1
Released [11-August-2016]

  • Implemented ability to shuffle or not to shuffle answers
  • Fixed major bugs

Version 3.2.0
Released [16-March-2015]

  • Implemented new FE -authoring tool with drag'n'drop userfriendly interface

Version 3.1.1
Released [7-July-2014]

  • Fixed minor bugs

Version 3.1.0
Released [17-December-2013]

  • Added the compatibility with Joomla! 3.x.
  • Applied native MVC coding.
  • Added permissions settings.
  • Improved usability and back-end interface.
  • Added mobile compatibility.
  • Fixed several minor bugs.

Version 3.0.8
Released [18-January-2013]

  • Added two new modern templates.
  • Fixed several minor bugs.

Version 3.0.7
Released [17-December-2012]

  • Added auto-upgrade notification.
  • Added the ability to show custom message together with results on the Final page.
  • Added the ability to build troubleshooter based on the component.
  • Added the ability to disable Prev button during survey.
  • Added the redirection option after the survey.

Version 3.0.6
Released [22-August-2012]

  • Added minor fixes in reports and mailing option.

Version 3.0.5
Released [10-July-2012]

  • Added the integration with AlphaUserPoints component for Joomla 1.5 - 2.5.

Version 3.0.4
Released [30-April-2012]

  • Added the ability to translate Back-end of the component to the needed language.

Version 3.0.3
Released [27-March-2012]

  • Joomla! 2.5 compatible release.

Version 3.0.2
Released [17-november-2011]

  • Added: Compulsory button for questions list.

Version 3.0.1
Released [18-August-2011]

  • Joomla! 1.7 Compatible release.

Version 3.0.0
Released [18-February-2011]

  • Joomla 1.6 Compatible release (Supports all the previous Joomla 1.5 version features)

Version 2.2.6
Released [21-October-2010]

  • Menu management is redone to support standard way in Joomla 1.5 (it's possible to create a menu item for a survey or category).

Version 2.2.4
Released [16-August-2010]

  • Added Brazilian portuguese language file (pt-BR.com_surveyforce.ini)

Version 2.2.3
Released [5-August-2010]

  • Changed : SurveyForce language system to Joomla! default language system (with ini-files)

Version 2.2.2
Released [July-2010]

  • improved graphical view of user results (pie/bar charts)

Version 2.2.1
Released [09-March-2009]

  • support for content plugins
  • content plugin for survey
  • bug fixes

Version 2.2.0
Released [09-March-2009]

  • Added survey templates. The template defines the areas where survey elements will be shown (progress bar, survey's description, control buttons, question's text, answers and so on) and the way they will look (the look can be configured either with the help of the CSS file of the survey, or by modifying javascript where survey elements are generated).
  • To prevent unregistered users from passing the survey over and over again we added ip and/or cookies control. We also added an option where you can set how many times an unregistered user can take the survey (same for registered and invited users).
  • Preview survey option for administrator and authors. You can preview the survey regardless of whether the survey is published or not, whether it has expired or not. The preview procedure is completely similar to taking a survey: you need to answer to questions, the rules you defined work according to your answers, Prev-Next navigation works as well (the only difference is that if the survey ends with the graphic results, then admin answers are not counted).
  • In the settings in the back-end an option for email notifications is added. When a user passes the survey his results are sent to survey's author and/or other users.
  • We've corrected the last page's button name from Next to Submit to make it more understandable.

Version 2.1.1
Released [18-December-2008]

  • Added : Ability to set maximum of checked options for `Pick Many` question.
  • Fixed : Some bugs.

Version 2.1.0
Released [19-September-2008]

  • Added : Joomla 1.5.x native.
  • Added : Ability to invite users to authors.
  • Added : Ability to take own surveys to authors.
  • Changed : Licensing system.

Version 2.0.15
Released [21-August-2008]

  • Added : Ability to select voting options for invited and registered users (See chapter "1.2 Surveys" in the Help).

Version 2.0.14
Released [18-August-2008]

  • Changed : New PDF generator.
  • Fixed : Problems with unicode characters.

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