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TOPIC: JoomQuiz Suggestions

JoomQuiz Suggestions 8 years 2 months ago #13942

As a teacher, I have a few suggestions of ways to make this software better:

1) Matching questions. I have posted on this before, but it has been deleted. The matching questions need to be setup for partial points. I see that "multiple choice questions" are setup for partial points... but not the matching. I have surveyed a large number of teachers at the school that I work for (many of whom are interested in your product) about this, and they all gave me very funny looks :huh: when I told them that Multiple choice questions were setup for partial credit, and that matching questions were not. This is partially what is keeping them from purchasing. It makes the two matching features practically unusable.

2)mod_ofquiz_myresult. Put the user score/ total number of possible points. I have had to create my own module to put underneath the "My Result" module to tell the total number of possible points. Having a module that says "Quiz = 14" tells them (or their parents) nothing. A module that says "Quiz = 14/70" tells them a lot of things. It seems from a coding perspective that this should be a quick, easy update and will make your product a lot more attractive to potential customers.

<PS. Please do not post a reply saying that these things can all be accomplished by me paying to have the mods customized @ $100+/hr. These are all things that should have been addressed when you built the product, and will make it an attractive product for me to publicize to my teacher friends when it is corrected>
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Re: JoomQuiz Suggestions 8 years 2 months ago #13959

  • Nana
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Hello Michael,

I'm not going to offer you our custom development services. Sorry, if it bothered you in any way. Please take my apologies.

I'd like to inform you, that we're thinking your suggestions over. Suppose, one of them (it's for sure, perhaps, even two) will be implemented soon.

Thank you for your nice suggestions.
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Re: JoomQuiz Suggestions 8 years 2 months ago #13991

  • Nana
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I have good news for you!

We've taken into account your suggestions and added them in new version 2.5.1.

Now it's possible and easy to implement "Multiple choice questions were setup for partial credit". Moreover, this is available for "Fill in the blank" question.
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