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TOPIC: The application MUST be viral - or it will die!

The application MUST be viral - or it will die! 10 years 7 months ago #8398

I am a Norwegian senior Web Marketing Manager and have been working with webstrategy for several years. I have been working with a lot of projects that has turned out to be extremely successful directly because of a good viral strategy.

I have noticed some important things:

The Joomla Quiz Deluxe application looks good, but has no viral functions at all and is completely useless if you intend to use this in a viral campaign. At the moment Joomla Quiz is what it promises - it's a quiz application!

BUT - that is not enough to reach a maximum potential.
I am highly professional working with my clients and would never recommend a Quiz Application that has no viral strategies included at all..

If Joomla Quiz Deluxe does not come with more viral functions soon I will replace it with an application that is more compatible with my needs.

By viral functions I strongly suggest the application to include the following:

1. Users must be able to invite registered and not registered friends to take this quiz.

2. A Community Builder bridge must be buildt and users must be able to invite their Community Builder Friends to take the Quiz.

3. It must be able to post score results to social media like Facebook.

4. Registered users must be able to create their own quizzles and distribute to their friends through social media, e-mail, Community Builder, and further on..

5. The Quiz must also have site modules (by default) that shows the most popular quizzles, random quizzles, most active users, and further on.. This modules is included in the bundle that I bought, but I'm disappointed. The "Latest X results" is displaying latest scores and the usernames as I want to, but not what kind of quiz and the most important thing - IT DOESN'T link to the users profile when clicking on the username and it doesn't display any linkable quiz titles.. :angry:

Some other things

There is no logic placement of the "next" button by default in the Quiz. There is also no linterest for me to send my score result to an e-mail address. For me it would be logically to include a button that displays "invite a friend to take this quiz" and a button that says "Post your score result to Facebook".

More than 6 months ago I sent a request to JoomPlace where I told about this potential and asked for a price to make the application able to publish my score results to facebook. The answer I got was that they didn't have the knowledge to do this. They offered me to do this as a project, but was not able to give me an exact price. The estimated price was in a very high price range. At the moment the price was above the budget I was working with, but I was hoping that this would be a very good tips for the JoomPlace and that they as soon as possible would launch a function to be able to do this - but nothing has happened!

I have also posted a request in this forum a couple of weeks ago.
I do need to post the results to Facebook since I'm able to reach 95 % of my target group (+ 1.400.000 unique potential niche users)

I am disappointed and a bit frustrated because I simply cannot understand why the developers doesn't see the great potential they are missing by simply excluding this "standard"!

Every person on the planet with some basic skills in Web Marketing should be able to see the BIG potential - so why are they missing it?

Good things!
Easy management and question submissions!
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Re:The application MUST be viral - or it will die! 10 years 6 months ago #8428

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Dear Trond

Thank you for your comments, i do agree with most of them... regarding the rest i will provide you with my feedback.

Yes, JoomlaQuiz Deluxe is initially a Quiz and doesn't perfectly suit for marketing compaigns as you have mentioned.

We are trying our best and do major updates of our software 1 - 3 times ia year and the latest updates brought our users many new features.

Anyway from your point of view our software still needs 5 more features... 1 of them is realised in the way we think is useful for all customers... pls see,com_f...ew/id,8406/catid,50/

Other 4 features will be considered during the next updates of JoomlaQuiz Deluxe.

About your request: after your request and quote fee was paid we had provided you initial analysis with our questions inside of it. If you had replied them then we would have provided you with exact ETA/quote, however you haven't answered until now. Anyway as you have repeated your inquiry several days ago - i have sent you the same doc to reply, hope now you will reply;)

Hope with your help we will make our application better!

Thank you!
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Re:The application MUST be viral - or it will die! 8 years 11 months ago #11994

After almost two years, 350 million Facebook users and still no Facebook integration at all. Is this meaning that this company does not support the "masses"..
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