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TOPIC: Navigation buttons seem to be buggy

Navigation buttons seem to be buggy 1 year 2 months ago #26460

When I try to navigate through my old questions at a Quiz, sometimes it happens that the submit button disappear or I can't go to a specific question. When I come to the end, it is not possible to forward again after clicking the back button. You are 'trapped' at the first page after going back there because there is only the button to submit the quiz.

It also seems (what I told in another topic) that it is not possible to save edited answers.

It also would be very nice to get warning users have to confirm before submitting answers and end the quiz. (Espacially if they have only one try)
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Navigation buttons seem to be buggy 1 year 1 month ago #26463

Ok, set tries of a question from 0 to 100 seems to solve the problem with saving. (I thought 0 would be unlimited.)

But the problem with navigation buttons is still there:

- after the last question it is only possible to go 'backwards' or 'end':


- one of eleven questions inside the quiz has a forward button, but it lead to end (means) 'submit' the quiz

- when I go back during the quiz and forward then it happened that it skipps the next question

- navigating to the first question after going through the whole quiz shows only the 'end' button. I thing there should be the button to go forward in questions, too.

- As you see there is a message where I 'm told, that one question isn't answered yet. But it is and 'End' the quiz gives me 100%.

Sorry for german screenshots. Hope they are still illustrative.
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Navigation buttons seem to be buggy 1 year 1 month ago #26465

I read another topic about the behavior of the next button in the meantime. I think the problem has something to do with the function, that the forward button leads to the next unsolved question. But this behavior makes it impossible to go through your answers again more than one time after come to the last question. To give users more than one attemp to solve a question is very restricted so.

May it is possible to add another navigation button? So we have 'back', 'forward', 'forward to next unsolved question' and 'end'.

I think this would really help users und teachers, who uses the extension for real exams.
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