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TOPIC: MS Control and {mosimage}

MS Control and {mosimage} 11 years 1 week ago #5814

Hi! I really could use some urgent help. We're trying to launch a new set of sites with MS control at the heart of running them.

We set up a symlink so that we have one common image folder, which all the site share.

Problem is, when we publish the story with MS Control, it parses out our mosimage tag, and embeds the image with HTML....

We need some way to turn this off SUPER fast if anyone can help out. Obviously, we can't edit the code because it's encoded / obfuscated. We tried, after searching the forum to not include the FTP information, but that didn't work either.

I sent a note to support as well, hoping it would get responded to, but last time I sent in a request, I never heard back. Hoping there's a moderator out there who's online and might be able to help out ASAP..

Really appreciate the help! love the component now, and it's been a life saver (if we get this fixed) in launching our sites.

Thanks again! !
-ben nowacky
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Re:MS Control and {mosimage} 11 years 1 week ago #5823

  • Ann
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Hello Ben!
Today we've started developing a new version (it'll be finished in a couple of days). This version will fix your issue. In addition Main site's content will be associated with the sub site, therefore if the content is changed on the Main Site, you will be able to synchronize it with the subsite (earlier each time a copying was performed on the sub site, a new content was created).

This version will come as a free upgrade for the license-owners, meaning that you will just have to switch to this new version.
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Re:MS Control and {mosimage} 11 years 1 week ago #5826

That's awesome.. Thanks Ann!

Only problem is that we're trying to go live with a few sites this week, and were using MS Control to push content out to all of the sites to save us from copying tables from one dbase to another.

Is there any way to get a temporary patch pushed out my way? It would be a HUGE help, and would help us meet our deadlines in a big way.

Looking forward to the next release and appreciate all the help!
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Re:MS Control and {mosimage} 11 years 1 week ago #5829

  • Ann
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Hello Ben!
I'm not sure of how urgent this is for you, but as I've already said a new version will be finished within 2 days. If you still want to make it faster, you may send a request for paid support and we'll do it for you tomorrow.
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