Multisites Site Manager ProFTP component

For Joomla 1.0.x and 1.5.x (native)
Community Builder 1.2 compatible!
Joomla multisites component - current version is 2.1.0.

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Features comprise Multisites Site Manager Pro features complemented with the following:

  • copies can be made for NEW domains (Pro version is best for subdomains, ProFTP is for new domains)
  • use FTP if needed
  • choose database host
  • has the automated users synchronization function (from main site to subsites only)
  • if user is associated with one site he will be redirected there automatically after logging in(optional)


With this component you can:

  • copy and update sites on the same server
  • copy and update sites on the same server but on another domain
  • copy and update sites on another server
  • combined with our Multisites Control component you will have a very nice solution for updating banners, content and news

Note: Single Sign-On is included in this package!

Synchronization & SingleSignOn is possible only for J! sites of same version line: Joomla up until 1.0.12; Joomla 1.0.13 and above; Joomla 1.5.x. Two sites based on Joomla 1.5.x and 1.0.x won't be synchronized! Feel free to browse the support forum.

Ask your ISP if you don't know the details about this. Most ISPs have this feature enabled but some cheaper ISPs do not. The source site has to be locally available to the server (read access) because FTP is not used for the source site.

So basically this means you can copy to a remote server, but you will not be able to copy that site somewhere else then (without having the site manager installed there).
The file synchronization over FTP will take a lot longer. Which is why the execution time is very helpful. Unfortunately the execution time cannot be updated by a PHP script while the Safe Mode is ON. Language file for mouse over help text.

  • Install ProFTP at your Main Site
  • In the component menu -> Sitemanager -> Categories
    • Create some categories so you can sort your sites
  • In the component menu -> Sitemanager -> Sites
    • Click New Site
    • Setup your main Site by adding all the needed info in the fields
    • You dont have to fill out the FTP info for Main SIte as you wont be using this
    • Save the Site
  • In the component menu -> Sitemanager -> Configuration
    • Select the Main SIte for Default Source Site
    • If you want to do copies of your Main Site to a subfolder you must click the: Allow Sub Dir Of Source
    • Mouse over the fields so you can look at the possibilities for all the remaining fields
  • In the component menu -> Sitemanager -> Sites
    • Click New Site
    • Setup your New Site by adding all the needed info in the fields
    • MySql access could be something like: http://mysql.myhost.com
    • FTP access could be something like: www.mynewsite.com/httpdocs/newsite
      (the FTP URL will point to the root of your FTP access so remember to add the folder for the target site!! Else the copy will be done in the FTP root!!)
      You often have to append "httpdocs" or "public_html" to the path. Like the absolute path of the source site contains it.
      E.g.: /var/www/vhosts/mysite.com/httpdocs and the FTP Url ftp://mysite.com/httpdocs
      If Safe Mode is ON FTP will certainly take longer so the execution time is very helpful (we do NOT like Safe Mode ON!!)
    • DATABASE PREFIX: Remember to use another prefix for the new site if you use the same database - else you will have the same prefix in the database used for 2 sites!!
    • Click Save
  • Select your new site in the checkbox and click (Re-)Install
    • Select Source Site
    • Copy files
      • Select what should be copied
      • REMEMBER: if you allready have some sub folders/dirs on your source site you might not want to have these copied.
        And if you are doing the copy to an existing sub folder unselect this folder to be copied (to avoid looping of the copy)
    • Update config: if you want to update the configuration.php at the target site
    • Copy database: here you have a choice
      OBS: you can only copy a whole database table - not just some records in a table!!
    • Synchronize: check the box if you want to synchronize all users from source site to the new site
    • Click (Re-)Install
    • You will look at the Info for doing this copy:
      If the Info is okay - click Start
      If the Info is not okay - click Back and redo your choices
    • The copying starts and in the text field to the left you can follow the operations
    • If you are copying sites having a lot of content and media it can take a while depending at your Internet connection and server speed.

When the operations are done a confirmation message is shown.

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